Doritos Tacos, Let the Powdered Cheese Goodness Begin!

I am not a big fan of Taco Bell. In fact, most of their food repulses me. They do a good business from those late night college kids that roll up to the drive-thru either stoned or drunk. In the town where I use to live they now have a breathalyzer test at the drive-thru window. I can’t imagine that does much for business. Anyway, for those late night college snacks Taco Bell has devised a best of both worlds scenario, the Doritos taco. It is made from one giant Dorito shaped like a taco shell. They already have 85 million of these puppies in reserve to be sure to have enough to fulfill the desires of oh so many “starving” Americans. The taco even comes with its own special holster to be sure that you do not end up having the cheese overtake your entire being. For some reason I am reminded of the old dirty joke about the man with the orange member, but I digress. If you are hankering for some fake cheese crispy goodness, you won’t have long to wait. Coming soon are Cool Ranch flavored shells (via Gizmodo).