My Little Pony + Fighting = Magic…

While trolling the internet I stumbled upon something that truly made me scratch my head in confusion. Some of you may be aware that there is a confoundedly large fan base for the new My Little Pony series. As it has been discussed in a past episode of the show they call themselves “Bronies”. Well a group of enterprising fans seem to have taken their love of the show a few steps further then normal. They’ve taken it upon themselves to create a full fledged fighting game. Ladies and gentlelmen I present to you MLP: Fighting is Magic..

Now the thing that blows my mind about this is as a lover of of fighting games, this looks absolutely legit. Would I play it? Probably not but if you’re a fan, this seems to be a serious labor of love and I honestly think the final product will be a pretty decent game.

  • guest

    campaign mode plz

  • cat

    how do i play