Be apart of #ProjectBlackBolt – Phase 1

His ability to bring his enemies, and more importantly, non-believers to their knees is legendary. Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, has a voice so powerful it could destroy worlds. He is the perfect emblem for our latest initiative. Enter #ProjectBlackBolt. We have noticed that our listeners are by far our most powerful asset, our voice if you will. With your help we have been able to get our name out there to new fans and followers. So we are asking for your help once more.

 How does this #ProjectBlackBolt work?

All we need you to do is tell your friends, family, and even foes about the show. Your voice is the most powerful weapon…let’s utilize it. So go on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster (is that still around?), Twitter, and any other social media site and tell people about the show. However, remember to tag your messages with the hashtag, #ProjectBlackBolt. Why limit to just the internet, tell people in real life too. Just yell “HASHTAG PROJECT BLACKBOLT!!!” as you run away. Spread the word about the show and the initiative. We love doing the show so the more fans we have the better the show can be.

We really appreciate all the positive responses that we get and know that they constantly strive to bring you the best content!