Rumors worth discussing: Marvel is moving ahead with a Ms. Marvel solo movie

I see so many supposed sure things on the internet when it comes to upcoming movie announcements, only to be corrected minutes or hours later. I normally try and avoid them as I don’t want our site to be a haven for bullshit. However, sometimes a rumor comes along and whether or not its true is the smaller part of the story. Here is one such rumor:

It seems that Joe Quesada is rumored to have said to someone that they (Marvel) is moving full steam ahead with a solo picture featuring Ms. Marvel. Personally, I really like the character for many reasons. She has a great origin, costume, and mythos in general. She is prime for the first female superhero to hit the silver screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can’t think of many other female characters that would bring the excitement to the screen like Carol Danvers. The rumor says that a script is already written and that Marvel is just looking for an actress, and a director I would suppose. Could we actually see Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers hit the screen before DC/WB gets Wonder Woman off the ground? Seems we just might, and that brings me to the larger point. WB’s inability, or unwillingness, to get the super powered Amazon a solo movie is a damn shame. Allow me to speculate why this hasn’t been done so far. If you look back at the Wonder Woman (WW) tv series in the 70s you would realize that remaking that show would just simply not work. Hence, the utter failure of the re-imagined property starring Adrianne Palicki. The show didn’t even get its pilot aired to the public. However, you can find it in the dark corners of the internet…it ain’t pretty, I assure you. Hollywood has a tendency to go with what works and never branch out, I think Pirates of the Caribbean is up to part 73 by now. I remember when Red Tails was announced and George Lucas made the public statements that Hollywood executives kept saying that they didn’t know how to market such a film to mainstream audiences, read that as white audiences. This exactly my feelings on why WB isn’t pushing WW. Just replace white audiences with male audiences. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure most guys wouldn’t mind a woman kicking ass in a movie. There were a lot of guys at the theater when I went to see Sucker Punch. However, that movie sucked but not because it starred women. Are they (WB) too scared to take a risk with an ICON because she has a vagina? I think if you market a bad ass Greek mythology story with a superhero who we all know and love it will do just fine. Considering that WW was voted 5th in IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time and doesn’t have a movie on the horizon is so pathetic, yet Lobo is getting a movie! Are the execs at Warner Bros. this brain dead, it appears so. If the rumors are to be true, Marvel will once again be out in front of DC as far as inclusion and creativity. I find it awesome that we, as fans, will might see a super powered woman kicking ass and taking names next to Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America in the future. Congrats to Ms. Marvel!

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  • Keith Joiner

    Lets get it right on Ms Marvel. PINK is your person for the roll. Think about it. She was made to be this Marvel Character.

    • ThoseNerds

      That is certainly an interesting choice. At this point I have no idea who I would go with.