Recast: Clue


“Six colorful dinner guests gather at the mansion of their host — who turns up dead after his secret is exposed: He was blackmailing all of them.”

That is the description, via Netflix, of the movie Clue, the subject of this week’s Recast. The board game on which this movie is based is hugely popular. So much so that it spawned not only a movie, but a video game, a musical, a book series, and a TV miniseries. Not to mention a remake of the original movie that is currently in pre-production. To say that it has a wide appeal is an understatement.

Clue, as a movie, is a funny beast because it is a movie based on a board game that is actually a joy to watch, unlike some monstrosities (*cough*Battleship*cough*). Likewise, it was a joy to recast this one. I hope you enjoy.

Tim Curry as “Wadsworth The Butler”

Recast: Neil Patrick Harris


Tim Curry is one of those actors who can do anything. Be it acting, singing, dancing, he can do it. Be it comedy, drama, or anything in between, he’s got it covered. Neil Patrick Harris is this generation’s Tim Curry. He can instantly make even the most asinine movie guffaw worthy (see: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle). To watch him fill Tim Curry’s shoes as Wadsworth would be amazing. I have detractors when it comes to this choice, but I will defend Mr. Harris to the end.

Eileen Brennan as “Mrs. Peacock”

Recast: Ellen Barkin


I re-watched Clue to get a solid idea of the characters and who could portray them in my Recast. The whole time I was watching it, was at a complete loss as to who should play Mrs. Peacock. That is, until I saw a commercial for The New Normal. Ellen Barkin’s wry and snappy sense of humor would fit in perfectly with the rest of the cast. And it would be hilarious to watch her play the awkward dinner scene.

Lesley Ann Warren as “Miss Scarlet”

Recast: Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks was easily the most perfect choice to take up the role of Miss Scarlet. If Firefly and Mad Men have taught us nothing else, it is that Christina Hendricks can play a sultry, bad-ass, man-eater while making you wish you were said man. This character is a no-brainer to cast. Besides, just look at that picture. Look at it. Okay, stop drooling.

Christopher Lloyd as “Professor Plum”

Recast: Steve Carell


I’ll be completely honest with you: I hate Steve Carell. I hate him with the passion and fire of one thousand dying suns. However, this role would be almost tailor-made for him. His almost self oblivious comedic style would fit the tone of the movie and his character like a hilarious glove. This role could be the role he would need to move up in my opinion. Sadly, I can’t see anyone else doing it as well as he would.

Martin Mull as “Colonel Mustard”

Recast: Eddie Izzard


Colonel Mustard was a tough character to cast. The milquetoast, bland, flustered guys seem to have retired from acting and gone into politics (I kid, I kid…kinda). So it was hard to find someone like that. Then I realized that I needed to take a lesson from the James and the Giant Peach movie and try looking at it another way. I saw that I needed, not someone like the character, but someone with the comedic chops to become the character. Eddie Izzard can make that happen.

Madeline Kahn as “Mrs. White”

Recast: Christina Ricci


Honestly, this was a no-contest casting choice. I tried to fight it. But Christina Ricci is easily the most qualified woman to walk into that mansion wearing a black dress complete with a black veil. The only other choice would be Winona Ryder (because, let’s face it, they are remarkably similar sometimes), but I think Miss Ricci would knock this one out of the park. Besides, I’m still nursing a little crush on her, so I’m somewhat biased.

Michael McKean as “Mr. Green”

Recast: Jude Law


This casting choice was actually born in the reverse order. I happened to be watching Sherlock Holmes last week and realized that most of the laughs I got from that movie didn’t come from Sherlock, but from the way Watson interacted with Sherlock. I came to the conclusion that Jude Law could sell pretty much any role that requires, like a watchmaker tinkering in an antique pocketwatch, a subtle hand. The role of Mr. Green is just such a role, requiring the actor to play a subdued charm that comes back in an overt way at the end. I can’t see anyone else playing it.

Colleen Camp as “Yvette the French Maid”

Recast: Rosamund Pike


The role of Yvette is one that sadly calls for only the ability to speak with a french accent and fill out a french maid’s outfit. Admirable, to be sure, but not difficult. Rosamund Pike can do both. And casting her is better than pulling a Michael Bay casting move and putting in Megan Fox. So Rosamund Pike it is.

Lee Ving as “Mr. Boddy”

Recast: Andy Garcia


Casting Andy Garcia was easily the most superficial casting choice I think I’ve ever made. Andy Garcia just looks like Lee Ving. Thank goodness he can act and the character of Mr. Boddy is not out of his realm.

And that concludes this week’s Recast of Clue. I hope you had as much fun as I did. If you want to chime in with your thoughts of this week’s Recast, let us know in the comments section. Also, Like Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, we want to hear suggestions on future Recasts. What would you like to see us tackle here? What’s your favorite movie? And stay tuned for a special Halloween Edition of Recast.

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  • Jeffrey

    oh my god, I totally want them to make this movie….seriously. Good casting choices.

  • Steve A Gonzalez

    Was talking about this movie today and recommending it at work. Decided to come home and watch it and do a sort of “pop up videos” as I watched when I came across this post. I would definitely like this film remade and this cast is spot on. Nice post.