Disney buys Lucasfilms for 4 billion dollars!

Star Wars Disney

One of the cornerstones of movie geekdom is, without a doubt, the Star Wars franchise. Whether you are apart of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, no true movie geek worth his or her salt doesn’t love the original trilogy. I remember watching and rewatching Luke start off a goofy teenager to finally become a bad ass jedi in the end. Nothing feels better than remembering that trilogy, and it hurt my soul to see the prequels. There was so much that was left unexplored and unsaid in those movies. For millions of fans the myriad of books is what kept the universe alive for so long. Over the years with the poor reception of the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars animated television show, Star Wars has taken a beating in the fan world.

George Lucas’ wonderful space opera is still a juggernaut in sales, but lacks the power it once had; enter Disney. “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers” was the comment made by Lucas himself today as he sold his life’s work over to Disney for $4 billion dollars. As quickly as this was announced Disney has let information slip that Episode 7 will hit theaters in 2015. Mind you that this is the same year Marvel’s Avengers 2 and Warner Bros.’ Justice League both hit theaters. This will be a showdown of all showdowns. Nerds everywhere are debating back and forth whether this is a good idea or not and its great to see. Currently, as I write this article I am involved in 3 other conversations on social media about this very topic. Varying opinions and passion levels are running wild. It feels like being a kid again. Take a look at what George Lucas had to say about the buy out and next steps for his former franchise.

So all this exciting news begs the question, what is next for the Star Wars universe? What do you want to see happen next? Knights of the Old Republic? Continue the Skywalker family story? The Mandalorian Wars? Or perhaps something new altogether. Let us know in the comments.

  • paterfamilias90

    I really want to see “Heir of The Empire” done as Episode 7,8, and 9. Those trilogy of books were awesome. Can this movie be taken seriously if it was animated? Reason I ask is because Hamill, Ford, Fisher, and Billy Dee are either in their sixties or pushing into their sixties, and a live action movie would be impossible to pull off with those geezers on screen. So just hire them to be voice actors, and do it that way. Either that or just completely start a whole new saga, and something that the books or comics has not covered yet, something brand new.

    • I think it would be possible to cast age appropriate actors to take over the roles. So many fan-boys would lose their minds, but if the movie was actually well done, it could work. It would be like JJ Abram’s Star Trek. Fan-boys lost it over Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock, but it turned out awesome.

  • Brad

    I think they have to follow a new group of characters in a far future setting from the OG trilogy. There’s too much canonical literature already out there for them to potentially bungle, unless of course Disney decides that stuff doesn’t exist and they do whatever the hell they want.

    • ThoseNerds

      Well word on the street is that Ep.7 will not be from any story that has existed. It will be a completely new adventure. So here’s hoping!

      • paterfamilias90

        I really cannot see how they can top episodes IV-VI… if they can get the right director for the job, they pull it off and make the best star wars movie since episode VI