TV Recap: The Walking Dead S04E03 & S04E04


Robert Kirkman is the man. He directed this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and it was killer. Speaking of killer, Tyreese goes beast mode, alone on a swarm of walkers and emerges out of the forest covered in walker blood, unharmed. It’s hammer time. Cue some AC/DC.

Earlier in the episode, Tyreese is still pissed and demands Rick find Karen and David’s killer. CSI: Apocalypse. Tyreese, like Miley Cyrus, can’t be tamed, well, calmed, and Rick ends up pounding his face in. Rick’s kind of terrifying when he reaches Hulk status, but I like it. It’s refreshing after the whole, “let’s not carry guns” bull he was pulling the first few episodes.

In other news, the infection is spreading like fire and many are getting burned. (Too soon?) Sasha, Dr. S, lots of people are becoming infected and I kind of didn’t give two shits and then…then there was Glenn. Glenn cannot die. No, I’m not even going to accept this as a possibility. No, no, no. *Throws fan girl temper tantrum* I might love him almost as much as I do Daryl. On a more serious and logical note, he’s a likeable character whose presence benefits the group, and it would make me sad to see him go.

Hershel decides that they can stabilize the sick until Daryl’s biceps can carry back medical supplies, well with the help of Michonne, Bob and Tyreese. He enters the block to care for the sick and hops to their bedside, bringing them tea and whatever else they need to maintain.  He gets a lovely blood spray in the face from Dr. S and comforts Glenn. You’re the best, Hershel. You have more heart in your one leg than most of the group does in their whole bodies.

The supply group is driving and the radio starts to tune in, distracting Daryl and he hits a few walkers. The group then gets swarmed and he has to reverse to kill them off. The car gets stuck and they have to abandon it.


Carol is pumping water and Tyreese asks her to look after his sister and she gets flustered and spills all of it. Girl, you better refill that barrel with your tears. Why are you so flustered? OH WAIT, we know why! Rick asks Carol if she’s the one who killed Karen and David. She responds with “Yes,” and walks off.  Looks like she’s willing to do anything to protect the group. I never expected this out of her. Cliffhanger endings, man. I’m so stoked for the next episode and I’d like to request a petition to allow Kirkman to direct every episode so we never have suckfests like we did last season. I’m serious; let’s make this a thing. Who’s with me?

In episode four, the theme of this week was eye fucking and longing stares into the distance. Seriously though, Andrew Lincoln is the master. Someone get this man an award or something. Rick and Carol go on a supply run in possibly the most awkward car ride, ever. Carol explains why she acted so un-Carol like. She claims she was trying to end their suffering and save lives, someone had to. Yes, someone had to, but Hershel’s method is over 9,000 times better. So many people are dying around them, why add more brutality.

Carol digs herself deeper into a hole with Rick by comparing what she did to Rick killing Shane. I do have to agree with her here, though. It’s all about survival and she honestly thought what she was doing was best. The pair find a car covered in dust, finally one that actually looks like it exists during an apocalypse instead of the pristine car Rick and Carol were driving. Rick and Carol walk into a house to raid and shoot down a zombie housewife and out stumble a couple. “We have fruit.” I can’t even. Rick decides to take in some more lost puppies to the prison and tells them to stay put until he and Carol return. We later find Ana being eaten by walkers and Sam never returns.

Tyreese is still incredibly angry and a zombie killing machine. I’m kind of over his angst already and I wish he’d stop acting like a sixteen-year old girl and just start being useful again. Daryl finds jasper and legitimately plays with it for more than half the episode. Is this his new thing to replace the infamous poncho?

Michonne might just be sneaking in on my man. “Is that jasper? Good color. It brings out your eyes.” Is she flirting? Since “Darol” seems to be ending, could these two be the next couple? They’d make a pretty odd pair, but hey, I’m game for whatever. At least I like Michonne. Speaking of Michonne, after telling Tyreese to simmer down, she realizes she needs to give up the hunt for good old Governor Patchy.

I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss him and wish the writers would bring him back. I really don’t think he’d give up that easily and it could potentially bring some interesting plot back to the series.

Apparently Bob is an alcoholic and instead of filling his bag with medicine, he fills it with booze and refuses to let go of it as the zombies are trying to pull him down for a fest. Daryl gets enraged and gets in his face, saying he should’ve just stayed with his other group. I might be the only one, but where did Bob even come from, or did he just randomly show up? I don’t’ remember him at all.


Carol has a heart to heart with Rick and a talks about her husband, Ed was abusive and it makes me realize why she’s so strong now. I really do admire Carol as a character because generally the women featured on this show are well, stereotypical women. They look after the children, fall in love, and aren’t strong badasses, well, with the exception of Michonne. But now things are about to change. Rick kicks Carol out of the prison group. He doesn’t want to be the keeper of her secret, and he knows if she’s honest, Tyreese will kill her. So Carol’s left to fend for herself, let’s see how she fairs. I’m curious to see how this develops.


The episode ends with more eye fucking from Rick and longing stares into the distance from everyone else as the cars drive off. SO EXCITE, not.

The previews for next week look to be more exciting, so here’s to hoping the season picks back up.

See you next week.