Blade Runner 2049

Jay and Brad sit down to review the 30+ years in the making sequel, ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ Starring Ryan Gosling as K, a Blade Runner who is tasked to “retire” old replicants is suddenly thrown into a new case that might just destroy the fabric of the modern society. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario), the film works to expand the story and world of the original 1982 ‘Blade Runner’ but also forge its own ground. Villeneuve is able to recapture the feel of the original film but modernizes it to fit his own lush aesthetics.

Gosling’s K teams with the original Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, to solve a question that brings the sci-fi genre back to its roots of questions of existentialism and what it truly means to be human.


Ryan Gosling

Harrison Ford

Jared Leto

Robin Wright

Ana de Armas

Mackenzie Davis

Sylvia Hoeks

Dave Bautista

Budget: $150-$185 Million