Molly's Game

The true story of the so-called "Poker Princess" Molly Bloom has been put into the Aaron Sorkin slick fast dialogue machine and come out the other side looking good. Sorkin, in his directorial debut, turns actress Jessica Chastain into the former skier turned illegal poker gamer runner. Jumping between dishing her information to her reluctant lawyer, Charlie Jaffey, played by Idris Elba and the full backstory of how she rose from cocktail waitress to working with the Russian mob, Molly's Game is a good time.

Sorkin brings his dialogue-heavy style to his first film and allows for us to see what a meteoric rise is like from the inside. With its violence, money, and glamour. Opening on Christmas Day, Molly's Game is not a groundbreaking story or film, but you will enjoy your time in the theater. A nice well-rounded film to end the year.