Beatriz At Dinner

Selma Hayek and John Lithgow star as representatives of opposing views in the ongoing grand debates of American society: rich/poor, immigrant/native born, man/woman, minority/white, liberal/conservative, and so on in the 2017 Miguel Arteta-directed film, 'Beatriz at Dinner.'

#BeatrizAtDinner tells the story of when massage therapist #Beatriz (#SalmaHayek) attends the dinner party of her wealthy clients Kathy (#ConnieBritton) and Grant (#DavidWarshofsky) after her car breaks down at their house. During the party, Beatriz finds out that Kathy and Grant's wealthy colleagues are involved in business practices that she finds repellent. In particular, she suspects that she has a past connection with Doug Strutt (#JohnLithgow), whose business has come under fire from environmental groups. As the night progresses, tensions escalate between Beatriz and Doug as the two butt heads over their opposing philosophies.

Does the film deliver on its promise of being the first true film to deal with Americans ideological splinters in the age of Donald Trump?