Wonder Woman

Director #PattyJenkins has taken on the herculean task of directing the first large-scale female led comic book movie, #WonderWoman. Starring relative newcomer #GalGadot (Batman v. Superman) as the titular character of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Wonder Woman works to tell the story of young woman who is plucked from her safe life on a secret island and thrust into the atrocities of World War I. However, the obvious twist is that she isn't just some woman, she's the daughter of the Amazons who possess more power than even she realizes.

DC/WB has had hit a couple of rough patches launching their cinematic universe, aka #DCEU. However, in Wonder Woman they have found their footing. Utilizing true emotion, heart, action, and properly placed comedy finally brings DC/WB a movie that they can say critically, and likely financially, rivals the competition. 

Gal Gadot impresses with her ability to play the "fish out of water" warrior princess alongside #ChrisPine as Steve Trevor, a WWI soldier who recruits her to save the world.

The story is large enough to show scale in the universe, yet personal enough to be emotionally well balanced and solid.