Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the follow up to the wildly popular Kingsman: The Secret Service directed and co-written once again by Matthew Vaughn. The Kingsman universe lives somewhere between James Bond and Austin Powers, with a bit of almost superhero level action sprinkled in for good measure. Starring Taron Egerton once again as the young charismatic spy Eggsy. Egerton is joined by Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Sophie Cookson all reprising their roles from Kingsman: The Secret Service. They are joined by the Statesman, the American version of the Kingsman, lead by Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, Halle Berry, and Channing Tatum.

he two teams have to come together to take on Julianne Moore who plays Poppy Adams, the head of an organization called “The Golden Circle.” Taking the best of what worked in the first film, and cranking them up while leaning heavily into the world that director Matthew Vaughn has created (based on the comic “Secret Service” by Mark Millar) makes for one of the more fun films this year. Balls to the wall action, well placed comedy, and over the top international spycraft is a great combination this is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle.’