TV Review: The Gifted - Season 1

Taking place in the middle of the Fox X-Men universe, The Gifted is a 13 episode season that explores the adventures of a family as they are thrust into the battle between humans and mutant-kind.  When a brother and sister publicly display their mutant abilities by accident in high school they are immediately put on the run alongside their parents from the evil Sentinel Services, who are tasked to capture and contain dangerous mutants. The family eventually joins up with the Mutant Underground, a group of powerful mutants who are the fantasy version of the Underground Railroad from times of slavery in the United States.

The show works on a "fetch quest" of the week premise and finds the family and the Mutant Underground heading from one position to another to garner some new knowledge or pick up some item to ease they lives on the run. With some cameos by mutants from a deep cut in Marvel's X-Men comic lore and a decent side story about the Mutant Underground members, the show rises to the level of mediocre TV but flounders just about everywhere else.