Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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Brad Bird the director of the Pixar film The Incredibles is in his element with the fourth film installment in the Mission Impossible series, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. The movie is packed minute by minute with action. From scaling buildings to running through a sandstorm, this is pulse-pounding action at its best. I would almost equate some of Cruise’s running scenes in the movie to the scene in The Incredibles in which Dash runs on water. While I will make no comparisons to the second coming (all relevant religious puns intended) here, this movie is entertaining. I have seen all four three of the Mission Impossible movies... sorry Woo, ya just won’t do; this movie is by far my favorite.Renner’s acting is excellent as always. This makes me excited to see how the series will progress as the reigns are taken over by the assumed heir to the Mission Impossible throne. Simon Pegg is great as an element of comic relief, and I hope he stays on for future installments. Overall, this was an enjoyable movie to watch, and I hope to see a sequel sometime in the future.


Tom Cruise is back and running like a madman all over Dubai in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team are set up for a terrorist attack and are disavowed by the US government.  With no help from Uncle Sam, the team must find the person who is truly cause of the attack and stop him from causing nuclear war.  The plot is enough to keep you interested as long as you don’t think too much about it (if they’re cut off from resources, how are they able to jet set half-way around the world and drive in cars that would make KITT’s black paint turn green with envy?).

The ridiculous action scenes and outrageous gadgets make up for the so-so plot.  From explosion in Moscow to scaling the world’s tallest building in Dubai to a wonderfully staged action scene at the film’s climax, director Brad Bird delivers the best action movie I’ve seen this year.


Its hard to believe that this Mission Impossible movie series started in 1996. Since then we have watched the series go from double-crossing intrigue to outlandish action sequences involving jousting motorcycles. Mission Impossible III was a nice return to the series' roots with director J.J. Abrams. I am happy to say that with Abrams producing and live action director newcomer, Brad Bird, helming the latest entry we are in great hands. I have often complained about the lack of good action movies in American cinemas as of late, but no complaints here. Bird is masterful in bringing out the series' greatest asset, Tom Cruise. Never one for doing just enough to get by, Cruise, really goes for broke here. Complete with doing his own stunts a mile up on the face of the tallest building in the world. The pleasure of watching the film in real IMAX allows the viewer to get an even better understanding of the work that went into shooting such sequences. Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, and Renner really have quite a dynamic and play well together on screen. Giving the viewer the notion that this newly formed team well be cohesive in all missions going forward. You feel like you are part of the team during scenes like these, quietly rooting for your comrades to prevail. I am sucker for this movies, and I was not disappointed. I look forward to seeing what Bird, Cruise, and the rest of the team can pull off during the next time out.

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