Review: Justice League: Doom

There was a time when great voice actors got together weekly to provide us with animated entertainment that was second to none. This is no longer a thing of days gone by. The entire crew has been brought back to voice Justice League: Doom. Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly lead a stellar cast of voice actors who are so tied to these characters you begin to hate the idea of anyone else playing Batman or Superman, respectively, or any of the other heroes. Justice League: Doom has a story that centers around a man named Vandal Savage. He is a villain with a plan, but not just any plan as you will find out. His plan is of course to take over the world, but how he plans to do it is very different from what we have seen in the past, pushing our heroes to their limits. Each of the JLA heroes make their introduction with style and charisma that you come to expect from the JLA animated series and previous movies. Once the heroes, who we all know and love, are in full swing we get an introduction to their villainous counterparts. They come in the form of Bane, Ma’alefa’ak, Cheetah, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, and Metallo. The villains all have very distinct personalities that aren’t too limiting. Gone are any moments of bad guys staring at the scene and laughing like a mad scientist.

Once each of the villains hatch the plans of Vandal Savage against their respective hero we really get to see what good animated series writing looks like. Why DC Comics/Warner Bros can’t seem to get the same level of quality out of their live action movies (sans Nolan’s Batman series) I will never know. Making the JLA a non-issue is not the central crux of the story but it is cool to watch. Figuring out what would stop each, seemingly unbeatable, hero is a nice thing to postulate and the writers come up with scenarios that work quiet well.

While the story balances around the JLA and Legion of Doom we spend a large amount of time with Batman and his worldview. Obviously, Batman being the only human gives him a far different perspective than the others. He is the connection to the audience. I suspect this is why he is such a beloved character both on screen and in the comics. Kevin Conroy, who voiced Batman in the animated series, brings the character to life once again. Batman is cold and calculating and never apologizes for doing what he has to do to save the world.

All in all, Justice League: Doom is yet another absolute hit from the animation department of DC/Warner Bros. The story is engaging, smart, and sometimes pretty dark in tone. It still has the flair and great voice work that we have come to expect. The only drawback that I found was the design of Metallo. I prefer the way he is done in the Superman animated series. Other than that go buy it and enjoy it.

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