Review: American Reunion

As I write these lines I almost wish they were different. I wanted to be the guy who walked in to see American Reunion and rolled his eyes at the terribleness of the humor. I wanted to come home and write the review and discuss the trite and unabashed rehashing of the previous movies was obvious. I thought the movie audience’s attitude towards the Dark Knight Rises trailer would be indicative of the entire film. Who boos at the Dark Knight seriously?! All in all with this review I wanted be the reviewer who complained.

Instead, during the entire film I could not stop myself from laughing. This was a film made for 30 something adults. The opening scene was priceless. Much like the sock scene from the original, which left you shocked by sheer embarrassment for the main character Jim, this scene delivers for a more “mature” audience with all the daily trials and tribulations of parenting. This movie is what Little Fockers should have been, but definitely was not. Do I think that 18-year-olds will appreciate this movie in the way I do as a 33 year old? My answer would be, probably not. The movie makes fun of itself. It allows for the realization that the characters are no longer in high school, college, or single, but does so in a fun and almost endearing way. The filmmakers weren’t trying to make a movie that saw the characters as livin’ it up just like the good ol’ days. Instead they took the route of self-deprecation.

It carries the standard American Pie dialogue. For instance, Jim is asked to come to an 18 year old’s birthday party. Jim politely declines as the girl states please “Jim I want you to come.” Stiffler is asked by a young girl if he wanted to hit this, in reference to a bong. He says, “Oh in more than one way.“ Finches mom talks to Stiffler about her days as a cheerleader and states that she always loved Lacrosse players. With them, she learned how to handle a stick while cupping their balls in reference to the nature of Lacrosse.

We get a return of almost every character from the MILF guys, to Nadia, to the Sherminator, this film makes sure it is a reunion to remember. The crude humor of the original is back in full force. From crotch shots to awkward scenes with tiny tots this movie delivers. I am embarrassed to give the rating I am about to give, but I have to be honest about my enjoyment of the movie. If you are in the mood for a raunchy comedy, check out American Reunion.

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