Review: Ted

If Ted is all about growing up and becoming an adult, I think it might be its own worst enemy. Ted is the story of John Bennett (Mark Walberg) and his magical teddy bear, named aptly Ted, that comes to life when he is a child. The two live in a perpetual cycle of bong hits and liquor shots. Its the college man and bear's dream.

When John and Ted's relationship seems to stand in the way of the adult relationship John has with his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis) conflict begins. What happens next is fairly obvious. Frankly, the entire movie is obvious and fairly simplistic. Ted and John get drunk and/or high then get into trouble. Rinse and repeat.

So it should come as no surprise that I didn't care for this movie at all. Seth MacFarlane  basically crafted a real life version of his successful tv cartoon show, Family Guy. However, I think that MacFarlane miss the point of his own movie. While Ted walks us through what changes have to be made when we throw away our childish toys and become an adult it tries to do it with cheap fart jokes. While watching the movie there were so many jokes that simply fell flat with the audience, and with me. There are some chuckles but nothing long lasting. I found myself really regretting ever sitting down in the theater for this.

So why are so many raving about this movie? Product loyalty is my guess. If you are a hardcore fan of Family Guy or perhaps The Cleveland Show then you will most likely enjoy Ted. However, if you aren't a super fan of those properties then I would argue that this might not be for you.

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