Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

A-Good-Day-To-Die-Hard The fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise is not true to form of the first one, but its true to what the series has become. A loud outlandish shoot em up fest has replaced the more nuanced action film of 1988. While I love well thought out plots and great acting, part of me is still 12 years old inside. This is where A Good Day to Die Hard (Die Hard 5) lives, in our guts not our minds. Die Hard 5 tells the “story” of John McClane (Bruce Willis) and his quest to save his son. When he finds out that his son, Jack (Jai Courtney) is headed off to prison in Russia, McClane hops a plane to see what he can do. The rest of the plot is full of nonsensical “plot” beats that are really just designed to get you to the next action sequence.

Russia is the perfect location for the madness that is Die Hard 5. From the poor and obvious jokes about how John McClane doesn’t speak the language to the use of new scenery in a Die Hard movie it works. When the action begins we get chase scenes that are only matched in their ludicrous nature by the brain dead Fast and Furious franchise. That being said, I had a blast watching it. Die Hard 5 knows exactly what it is, and it hits those marks with flying colors. Is it a good movie? ABSOLUTELY NOT ITS TERRIBLE! Is it a fun movie to just turn your brain off to? ABSOLUTELY! There are nods to previous films that will get audible cheers from the crowd, and that’s what this movie sets out to do. Its just 97 minutes of pure 12 year old boy action fan service. From tanks to attack helicopters and back again Die Hard 5 never misses the popcorn movie mark.

The acting is what you would expect, not good, but not so bad that you can’t concentrate of the task at hand. Bruce Willis is just Bruce Willis at this point. There is no depth to his character. He just throws on a t-shirt and begins shooting whatever gun they give him. Jai Courtney does a decent job of playing McClane Jr. I wouldn’t mind him taking over the series after Die Hard 6. Its not as if its going to take or demand a whole hell of alot at this point. The villains in this movie are in my opinion the worst of the entire franchise, minus Die Hard 4. Nothing about them is particularly interesting except perhaps their accents.  All and all, I think Die Hard 5 is a fun movie, but hardly a quality film. Go in expecting a big dumb fun action movie and you will get what you paid for. Expect anything else at your own peril. That is why I am giving this two ratings - Normal Movie vs. Meathead Entertainment:

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