Review: Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6

When you go to watch the 6th iteration of a franchise, your first thought is probably to expect a terrible mess of a movie. I'm here to tell you that with this particular movie it not only destroys that notion but ends up being if not the best or one of best movies in the franchise. When we last left our rag tag team of criminals, they were robbing a big time drug dealer in South America. With that task out of the way they've all gone their separate ways to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We open to Dom Torreto (Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Walker) racing down a winding mountain side road to meet up with his wife as she is pregnant with child. The rest of the crew are scattered across the world until Hobbs (The Rock) needs their help to take down an extremely efficient criminal named Shaw (Evans) who somehow has ties to Letty (Rodriguez).

From here on out the movie moves from one insane action sequence to another. Within 10-15 minutes of the opening credits (which are badass by the way) we are treated to a 10 minute car chase the likes of which I have personally never seen before. While this sequence was amazing the only issue I had with it was the fact that the cameras were way to close to the action. I'd would have liked to see some more wide shots but that's just my personal preference. Each scene in the movie does a great job moving the plot along nicely. Yes this movie actually has a fairly decent plot that you'll actually remember when all is said and done. The cast feels really comfortable with each other. From Roman's (Tyrese) constant wise cracks which are actually pretty damn funny to Tejs (Ludacris) calm demeanor, everyone meshes with each other which really adds to the movie's charm. Aside from obvious plot points, nothing seems really forced. There are some cool twists and turns for those that have followed the series since the beginning and some nods to previous films. If you're the type of person that doesn't give a damn about plot however, this movie caters to your action fix in spades.

Most movies of this type have one final action sequence to wrap everything up. This movie punches those movies square in the face and steals their lunch money because it has two sequences! The first of which I yelled out (which I never do) "This movie has gone off the rails." I was cackling like a child in the theater at what I was witnessing on screen. To my delight this wasn't even the final showdown. It's hard for me to even say which one I enjoyed more. I will say any wrestling fan will get an absolute kick out of one scene.

I absolutely loved this movie and would not mind in the least going to see it again. Hey Die Hard, you need to take a cue from this franchise and come correct with your next movie because that last one sucked!!!

4 1/4 miles out of 5