Review: Son of Batman

SonOfBatman DC’s latest animated feature, Son of Batman, serves as the next installment of stellar animation of familiar comic book superheroes. The movie introduces the audience to Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian. Bruce is unaware of his son until Talia al Ghul drops the boy into his lap after some dangerous circumstances arrive. The movie begins with a surprisingly brutal attack on Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows compound by a mysterious figure, later to be revealed as Deathstroke. In order to keep her young son safe, Talia rushes him off to Gotham City to finally meet his father. While on patrol Batman is greeted by his former lover and introduced to his offspring. The movie follows both father and son as they try and reconcile their two vastly different outlooks on life, and come together as a team. A number of Batman’s familiar allies make an appearance throughout; most notably Alfred. The consummate dry witted butler has some of the best comedic lines in any of the DC animated films to date.

After being put in the care of the Batman, Damian refuses to simply allow for Deathstroke to run free. He takes it upon himself to go after the sword wielding/gun totting sociopath. Damian’s violent ways, gained from his time with the League of Shadows, is really put on display here. There are moments that really push the envelope and frankly, were highly enjoyable. All the while, Batman works to bring his son to revelation that killing someone just makes him a criminal. This the crux of their budding relationship. Every one of the Batman’s previous sidekicks have taken up the non-killing aspect rather quickly, for Damian things run much deeper.

In the end, Batman and Damian take on Deathstroke and his ninja-like henchmen. Bad guys lose and the good guys win. Damian embraces his legacy, and Batman has a new Robin; all is right in the world. Per usual, a fun romp with plenty of bloody violence, quick one-liners, and familiar faces. The story, while not complex is just simplistic enough to make for one of DC’s best animated films to date. I look forward to seeing more of Damian chop it up as the bloodthirsty sidekick to the stoic Batman.

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