Review: The Accountant

21293274-standard An engaging action movie starring Ben Affleck doing his best John Wick impression, The Accountant stars a quality cast doing good work in a fun film worth your time and money. J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow and Ben Affleck all turn in excellent performances in a violent tale about an autistic accountant who unravels complicated financial books for evil people when money goes missing, and turns out to be more formidable than anyone could imagine when the bad guys break his moral code.

To say more would ruin some surprises, which is what makes this movie worth checking out. It’s funny, violent, and features a couple twists that help keep it engaging. The only negative I can give you is that the B plot of Treasury agents trying to find Affleck’s character drags a little in the middle, and doesn’t make much sense when you start to pull at the threads of it in the end.

It’s Affleck’s autistic assassin Christian Wolff that keep you watching. The man takes care learning his roles ahead of time, and portrays the clinical symptoms associated with autism realistically enough to make you believe in the character. His tics, expressions and actions are spot on and help lend the film its humor. The action beats are solid but again, very reminiscent of recent (and amazing) action film John Wick. With that said, John Wick was my favorite action movie last year, and I’m happy to see the homages to it here. Bullets fly, blood flows, and many many people die, quickly and precisely. It is fun to watch and I much prefer it to the Jason Bourne quick-cut style of action movie. As we enter the third quarter of 2016 I think it’s safe to say this is the film to satisfy your action jones until next year, when we get even more Affleck badassery. Tune in, eat your popcorn, and enjoy the show.

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