Review: Sicario

Sicario-Trailer-2-Starring-Emily-Blunt-and-Benicio-Del-Toro Sicario. It means "hitman". This is what we are told at the beginning of this gorgeous film. Do you like gripping suspense and thrills? Do you love beautiful cinematography that remembers film making truly is an art form? Do you need a bit of odd pacing and loud music that sounds like a mix of scores from a horror film and a Godzilla flick? Well this is the movie for you!

Sicario is a film that follows DEA agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) along with her partner Reggie Wayne (Daniel Kaluuya) as we first see them deal with what is unfortunately a very familiar scene in their lives as they execute a hostage rescue where they find more than they were expecting. These missions bring her to the attention of Matt Gravin (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro), two mysterious advisers for the DEA. There is a plan to do more than just clean up the mess of the Mexican cartels. What unfolds as we watch is that plan.

I dare not say any more as that way spoilers lie but just know that we get a ton of great performances from the cast here. While these guys are great (especially when we see a wet willy used as a torture method) what got me sucked in was how gorgeous the cinematography is throughout. First it's the overhead shots of the desert. However you soon find yourself viewing from some unique angles of this story. It's hard to describe as it was a very unique mix and very artsy angles that only served to add to the story being told. I loved every bit of it. This truly added to the level of suspense as many times you just weren't sure what was going to go wrong but you KNEW it would go wrong.

I can easily recommend this movie to anyone that loves a good crime drama/suspense thriller. Just be ready for it to be VERY graphic. But that doesn't mean it's perfect.

The first major issue is the pacing. At times it feels very slow. This works great during the first two acts but during the third act things seem to drag when we know what's about to happen. It's not awful but it is noticeable. Trim a few minutes and we're good.

The second issue is the overwrought music. I kind of liked it at first as it drove home the feeling dread that this film deserved (I found this movie scarier than any horror film but then I don't find horror scary). However it gets to be a bit much in a good theater. It really does feel like the demon version of Godzilla is about to walk on screen at any moment. Just chill, guys. We get it.

My last issue doesn't change the story telling at all but it's obnoxious. Go to IMDB and look up this movie. First you'll see that Sicario is a popular name for movies but ignore that. Go to the cast list and top billed is Emily Blunt as she is the cipher through which we experience the majority of this film. Now scroll down tot he next actress. You're gonna go down fifteen names. The next billed female actress is the wife of a guy. She has a few lines but no name. There was one of actress. She had no lines, no name and was on screen for a couple of minutes. I personally find this to just be obnoxious as hell.

Anywho, I really enjoyed this movie, even with those few flaws. If you dig this genre do not miss this. Just try not to sit near the speakers.

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