Review: This Is The End

This is the End

I’ll just come out and say this right away - This Is The End is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. And if you’re afraid the trailers revealed too much, don’t worry - there is so much more to come.

Attending an advance screening is always a mixed bag. This one, for instance, featured the very first metal-detection and pat-down I’ve ever experienced at a movie theater (yay Baltimore!) The crowd was also different than what I was expecting, being made up of about ⅓ press nerds and ⅔ members of the Maryland Film Festival. This fine organization gives its members the chance to attend advance screenings like this throughout the year, and let me tell you, they were excited to be there. Usually that means the movie being screened will get very positive reactions from the audience, as the audience is made up mostly of fans. This film didn’t need cheap laughs from the crowd to help sell it.

This Is The End features all the good ol’ boys from the last ten years of Hollywood stoner comedy playing themselves during the apocalypse. I’ll stay quiet on exactly what kind of apocalypse they’re surviving, but it adds to the hilarity. Jay Baruchel flies to L.A. to visit his buddy Seth Rogen, and they’re quickly off to a party at James Franco’s house. The first twenty minutes are hysterical, with a bunch of celebs making cameos and then rapidly dying. Also; you will never look at Michael Cera the same way again.

After the initial mass casualties we’re left with Jay, Seth, Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride doing their best to survive with, well, no skills whatsoever to draw from. If you’ve ever wanted to see a sequel to Pineapple Express, wait no more. Hilarity ensues and after a little moralizing and a lot of cum jokes, everyone realizes what’s really going on. I mean, there’s maybe a little bit of message with some of it, but I think that’s a fallacy. This is just an excuse for all those guys to smoke a bunch of weed and say hilarious shit to each other and get paid for it.

The movie drags a little bit in the third act, but there’s some excellent creature design on hand and one last excellent cameo to look out for. And the finale is, well, it’s something else. I left the theater making a lot of comparisons to Kevin Smith movies, and I think it’s apt. The whole thing feels like a hilarious mash-up of Seth Rogen’s films and Kevin Smith’s films, and that’s damn near perfect comedy for me.

Bottom line, if you already like these guys go see the movie, you’ll love it. If you’re on the fence about it, have no fear, this is money well spent. I haven’t laughed this hard in the theater since 21 Jumpstreet, and there’s plenty of laughs left for you.

Fuck science!

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