Review: Jurassic World

jworld-banner-44 In 1993 the world was awestruck by a film that truly took advantage of the fairly new art of CGI. Jurassic Park took us all for a thrill ride none of us could ever anticipate. The film is now an eternal classic and even today still looks pretty damn good. Unfortunately it's success demanded sequels that were rather lackluster. I'd prefer to forget about them. Apparently Universal Studios would prefer you do the same as they have released a fully modern sequel to Jurassic Park in the form of Jurassic World. It's another awe inspiring thrill ride that pays homage to the original and pays no attention to the other sequels. This is the JP sequel the world has been waiting on for 22 years.

Now I'm going to try to keep my cool through this review but.... I can't because this was so damn exciting and fun and I was geeking out the whole damn time and AAAGGGHHH!!! Ok... deep breath....

Guys. See this movie. I had more fun watching this than anything else this year. I'm sure a chunk of that is because I'm a giant dino nerd. One would think I'd be up tight about the scientific inaccuracies but no, I'm not that big of a kill joy. Even so the movie does provide a line of dialogue that fixes those issues and just keeps going. There are more important things to deal with.

This movie gets started with two kids going to visit their aunt that runs the park. Sound familiar? Who cares. They aren't going to some half baked park idea. No, we get to see a fully functioning theme park that I would sell organs to go to. No, seriously. I don't care if it has giant killer dinos, this place looked amazing. The two brothers are Zach and Gray. Zach is the older teenager not at all interested in anything his brother cares about and Gray is the younger and clearly mildly autistic dino fan that is having all the fun in the world. Their aunt, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is far too busy to deal with them and hands them off to her assistant. She's busy trying to sell the marketing rights to their next big attraction, a fully artificial dinosaur species that seems a bit meaner and bigger than intended. To help figure this thing out she brings in their resident specialist Owen (Chris Pratt) that has been working on controlling a pack of raptors. Needless to say everything goes horribly wrong.

The thrills start pretty early, people. I won't spoil it but get ready for a ride as fun as the park itself. The CG isn't as good as it could probably be but it didn't hinder the fun. The plot was believable, no need to shut your brain off, you will simply marvel at the greedy idiots that screw things up. The acting is fine and everyone will love Pratt being a badass all the way through. And the dino fights? Hoo boy. Just wait. They are huge and epic and full of heroes and villains. You will be on the edge of your seat.

I love this movie, guys. More so than Age of Ultron and Mad Max. I had so much fun that I already need to see this again. Might I suggest watching the original before seeing this new one. It'll be nice to brush up on JP lore because... well, you'll see.

They spared no expense.

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