Live By Night

<em>Live By Night</em>

Cohesiveness is an aspect of movies that holds great importance but isn’t readily noticed. Movies are assembled by scenes, of course, leading to a sort of storytelling puzzle: making sure all of these varied scenes appear in an order best suited to reveal the message of the story being told. However, movie makers are far too quick to dispose or diminish this fine interlocking mesh of events and dialogue in favor of a particular aspect of the movie, maybe the scenery, or the action. In the end, though, audiences notice this, maybe not immediately, but as a jarring disaffection to the story being told. Ben Affleck’s Live By Night takes this potentially minor incongruence and blows it up the be a major fault, highlighting so many mood and scenery changes and pushing to the forefront so much action that the entire movie becomes a mess, beginning on the joyful note of a crime-comedy such as Goodfellas and ending with a melodramatic moan as something akin to the end of a Dawson’s Creek episode.

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