Review: Men in Black III

In Men in Black III we have the return of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agents J and K. If you have seen either of the other two films from the MIB franchise, you are well aware that J and K work for a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. The concept was derived from the Malibu Comics book of the same name which was bought out by Marvel.

The plot is based on time travel or in this case time jumping. Agent J (Will Smith) has to travel back in time to stop a world changing event from occurring. This world changing event is the death of agent K. Using quantum theory as a way to address time in general, the movie banks on the butterfly effect. The smallest event can change the course of history. This is of course the watered down version, but it makes its somewhat clunky point.

The villain in this film is played by Jermaine Clement. In this film he plays the part of Boris the Animal. Move over Macho Man Randy Savage, there is a new Slim Jim man in town! Boris is part of an alien race known as the Boglodites. Boglodites are an aggressive and brutal alien race known for devouring worlds...think Klingons meet Galactus. Boris has been imprisoned on a lunar prison built specifically for him. This is where the story begins.

Emma Thompson replaces Rip Torn in this film as "O" the head of the MIB. However, Josh Brolin makes this film. His portrayal of a young Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) is impeccable. He plays K with a little softer edge. This is because Brolin's K has not yet faced some of the hardships of Jones' K. You learn a lot about the MIB universe in this film, even if some of it is pretty predictable from the first scene. You also get some insight into the relationship between J and K that you have not had before.

All in all, the box office numbers of this film will suffer and not because it is that bad of a movie. The stigma of the stinker that was MIB II still hangs in the air. Would I recommend going to the theater to see this film? I will put it this way, if you can disregard that the second film ever existed and you are a fan of the first film...go see it. It makes a decent sequel to the first film. If you are not a huge fan of the first film, wait for Redbox or Netflix streaming.

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