Review: Summer of Blood

SummerOfBlood What can I say about Summer of Blood that couldn’t be said about the hipster culture in general? The movie takes the audience on a odd trip with our hipster lead Erik (Onur Tukel) as the textbook example of a man child. Never coming close to what would resemble a reasonable view of the world, Erik is a mess. Somehow he has landed a girlfriend who wants to actually marry him, but somehow Erik just can’t grow up enough to make that happen. Seemingly a commentary on the large amount of adolescence in modern adult culture, the movie drew me in for nothing more than the potential pay off. Erik, being the new age Peter Pan is stricken with the complete inability to give a damn about adult topics (besides sex), and adult responsibilities. When he ends up losing his girlfriend after a major fight he is set back upon the world to try and connect with his fellow human beings. Hipster Erik wears ill fitting shirts, looks to not care about himself, and just proceeds with any impulses he has. From masturbating at work to not doing his job, Erik is a hilariously frustrating character. Fast talking curmudgeon at the ripe age of 40, he is going nowhere fast and is surprisingly alright with this. His life is spiralling and the film just lets it keep going without any level of retribution for a the first one and a half acts. After which, the movie takes a bizarre turn. One night Erik is bitten by a vampire and his entire world is changed forever. From a mildly entertaining yet incredibly flawed person to the total sex machine god, Erik is back! Well, not back, because he never was. Either way, he is officially off to the races. Having sex with any and every woman he can, sometimes more than one at a time, Erik feels liberated. Still exuding the issues of being a man child, but now with the demeanor of a man who can get whatever he wants. Sadly, the last act of the film drags much longer than it ever needed to. I felt the movie was about 40 minutes longer than it actually was. Onur Tukel was really annoying, funny, and pathetic as Erik. Considering who the character is I think Tukel did a fantastic job. Erik feels like that wayward friend that we all have but on steroids.

The Summer of Blood is not for everyone, but could be a very enjoyable cult classic type film. There isn’t much of a narrative per se, just oddity and dark comedic moments. The first 30 minutes set you up for some sort of character redemption in the end. There isn’t one at all. Much like the hipster movement in it of itself, the movie is just about some stuff that happens and no one will really care after a while. When it was done, I just felt nothing. This is the best example of the old Seinfeld adage, a show about nothing.

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