Review: 300: Rise of an Empire


The sequel to 300 definitely will satisfy fanboys and audiences alike but does not quite leave as memorable of an impact as the first movie. The movie opens with what we expect. A lot of blood, gore, and awesome battle sequences only this time its in 3D so it brings you a little closer to it. 300: Rise of an Empire provides a lot of back story. We get to see the rise of Xerxes and how he came to be who he is. It was interesting because his story never really appealed to me, but when it was brought up in the film, I was somewhat intrigued. He had purpose and a motive to avenge his father. However, he had seemed to lose that and run on solely power alone.

A general outline of the movie is shortly after the battle of Thermopylae where Leonidas and his 300 had lost, but there glory and martyrdom had remained. The hero of this movie is Greek General Themistokles who shares a mutual hate against the greedy Persians. It is their turn and they are basically fighting for the same thing, freedom.

However, this general is nowhere near as memorable as Leonidas. He doesn't quite have the screen presence that will make audiences remember him. Themistokles doesn't even really look distinct in anyway except for his blue cape. I wasn't complaining because I was having a blast watching the battle scenes anyway.

The battle scenes were like a roller coaster ride. I was enjoying every bit of it all pumped and ready to go out and try for a six pack.

There was a few cliches that rolled my eyes over, such as the father and son. The father is the general's best friend and, of course, the naïve son who wants to fight. We all know of course at least one of them is going to die and the other is going to watch. It was all too familiar to me and I am sorry if I may have spoiled a part of the movie. Something tells me, that nobody will really be upset and completely expect this unless they live under a rock.

Lastly, we are introduced to Artemisia, the vengeful and seductive commander of the Persian Navy. In my opinion, she had the most screen presence of the film. Traumatized as a little girl by her own people, the Greeks, and taken in and nurtured by the Persians. She has risen to power and swore vengeance upon the Greeks. She had her own little personal vendetta against them. Xerxes wants power and to invade. Artemisia is just pissed off at the Greeks. That seemed to be her underlying motive. However, Artemisia was played by Eva Green with sheer beauty.

300: Rise of an Empire provides a lot of action with a little substance. It is definitely worth the entertainment and audiences will be pleased by the visuals. However, the film will be easily forgettable to some and will make you want to re-watch the first 300 just to see Leonidas onscreen again.

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