Review: The Conjuring 2

conjuring2cast When I go to a movie theater to see a horror movie I go because I want to legitimately be scared. Unfortunately that has not been the case in an incredibly long time. Time and time again I go in with high hopes, only to be bored out of my mind midway through the movie. Does the Conjuring 2 finally get it right this time or does it fall into the category of just being another jump-scare fest? Well yes and no...

Its been 6 years since the events of the first Conjuring and Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Loraine (Vera Farmiga) are semi celebrities based off of their work with the paranormal. They're doing the talk show circuit telling their stories and trying to sway skeptics. Meanwhile across the pond some strange happenings are going on in the town of Enfield, England. The Hodgsons seem to be plagued by a malevolent spirit that is none to pleased with them being there. The Hodgsons' house is a perfect place for a ghost to set up shop. Their in dire straights, they have very little money, the paint is coming off the walls the furniture looks as though its going to fall apart at any moment and the cellar is all but flooded. When the youngest daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) who was absolutely amazing by the way, starts to sleep walk and see things that no one else can we get the beginnings of the haunting. As it gets worse and worse the entire family realizes that she isn't lying and all hell breaks loose. That's when the ghost busting team of Ed and Loraine are called in to do what they do best. The Warrens seem to be dealing with their own issues however before they make their way to the house. Loraine no longer wants to do what they're doing because she's having visions. Ed talks her into going over for one last ride if you will.

During the movie you can for the most part guess exactly what is going to happen from scene to scene. This is where the movie falls apart for me. It doesn't do anything different then any other movie that has come out in the last 10 years. The direction is fine, the atmosphere that is set up is genuinely creepy and all of the performances are actually really good, but I came to be scared and that only happened once and it was corny jump-scare. The movie is all over the place with spirits on spirits wrapped in other spirits. I mean, you can keep track of it all but it just becomes exhausting after a while. To me, the most compelling parts of the movie were actually the plight of the poor girl whom the ghost decided to pick on. One scene drove this home and almost choked ya boy up. The other aspect was the love story between Ed and Loraine. I'm a bit of a sucker for a good love story and surprisingly enough this didn't feel forced or corny. That however is not what I'm here for. I'm here because I want to jump out of my seat and me personally, I didn't get that at all. Not to mention the movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes. That is entirely too long for a horror movie.

In the end it just felt like another run of the mill horror movie that is going to do well at the box office because people love to be scared. The best part of the experience to me was the big guy sitting next to me literally screaming every time something went bump in the night. I didn't hate the movie but it was just kind of boring to me. Good direction and great performances saved me from falling asleep.

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