Review: London Has Fallen

LondonHasFallen "Olympus Has Fallen" the 2013 surprise hit seemed to strike a chord with action movie fans with its fairly brutal gun violence and a lot of stabbings to the chest and facial area. The "sequel" continues that tradition with more headshots and knives to the face then you can shake a stick at.

The movie starts off with a drone strike on a terrorist compound. People die and we get a very simple setup for a revenge plot. We are then introduced to our protagonist Mike Bannon (Gerard Butler) who is still protecting his best friend President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) Lynn Jacobs (Angela Bassett) and Vice President Trumble (Morgan Freeman) round out the important people in the movie. We learn Banning is about to have a baby and is thinking about quitting when suddenly the prime minister dies. The President has to attend the funeral and Banning cant quit just yet.

When they get to London, chaos ensues and this is what everyone came to see, right? The antagonists aren't screwing around. They pull off quite possibly, the most coordinated attack I've ever seen in movie history. They murder half the world’s leaders in the span of five minutes. They have rigged half of London to explode and it is absolutely ridiculous. While all this is going on Banning is tasked with protecting the president, double tapping everyone in sight and doesn't suffer so much as a scratch. You know what, I'm perfectly fine with it. From here on out, it’s just a roller coaster ride of people being shot and stabbed. Helicopters being shot at, cars being shot at, missiles being fired and, just a bunch of rapid fire clichéd tropes that just seem to work for this movie. The last 20 minutes doesn't do anything different but for some reason I enjoyed the hell out of it. He essentially takes out an entire terrorist organization like he's a goddamn super hero.

Now, the movie itself isn't exactly good. The dialog is dumb, the directing is average at best with way too many top down aerial shots. Another issue I had was the fact that every time a new person showed up on screen their name would pop up in the corner. You can't keep track of anyone nor do you really care who he or she is. It was an odd choice to say the least. Butler was having a blast playing his character again. Overall though it doesn't reinvent the wheel if you're looking for a fun action movie and know what you're getting into I would recommend it. If you enjoyed the first movie, there's no reason why you won't enjoy this one.

2 1/2 headshots out of 5

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Review: Lucy

Lucy The Year of Scarlett Johansson continues as she takes on the roll of Lucy. This contemporary sci fi flick continues the often used highly debated "fact" that we as humans only use 10% of our brain capacity at any given time. It asks what happens when we are able to use 100%. The movie answers that question in its own ridiculous yet enjoyable way. The title character Lucy (Scarlett Johannson) finds herself in Tawain for some reason which I don't think was ever explained. She ends up getting kidnapped by Asian drug kingpin Mr. Jang (Oldboy/Min-sik Choi) and against her will becomes a drug mule. They are trafficking a new drug that looks surprisingly like the blue meth that Walter White was cooking. The enterprising kingpin traffics his drugs by placing them inside his mules abdomens. During Transport, one of his employers apparently forgot how things work and begins to go to work on Lucy. The bag is damaged and she gets a massive dose in quite possibly the craziest acid trip anyone could ever have. When she awakens, she realizes she's got powers that she didn't have before. She frees herself from her captors and is on a quest to find out whats going on.

Throughout the film, there are scenes of exposition about the the human brain by Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) and what is possible when we are able to unlock its true potential. During all of this, Lucy needs to retrieve the rest of the drugs and get into contact with the professor all while being tailed by Mr. Jang and his band of thugs.

The film clocks in at a tight 90 minutes and moves at a fairly steady clip so it never gets boring. Johanssons dialog may seem a bit corny but damn if she doesn't deliver it to where you feel it. One thing that director Luc Besson knows is action and while there are very few action sequences, They are pretty solid. The car chase scene is easily the stand out.

It feels like the movie wants to be smarter then it actually is and while I commend them for trying it goes so far off the rails by the final act, you're just kinda left sitting there scratching your head as to what the message was. The premise is ludicrous. The dialog is incredibly heavy handed but handled with care by the actors and the action is solid. It's a very interesting movie because it should collapse under its own foolishness but it comes out being very entertaining. It seems crazy but for a movie that literally is all about the brain this is one of the few times I can truly say turn your brain off and enjoy the ride.

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