Review: Central Intelligence

127bd388aa29a1182ca4cb37f87fe946 Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson star in the somewhat funny yet ultimately forgettable comedy Central Intelligence.  The film begins with a Calvin Joyner, the most popular kid in school, sticks up for the overweight and overly-bullied Robbie Weirdicht after Robbie is publicly shamed in front of the entire school.  Fast forward 20 years and we find that Calvin who, while doing well for himself, has a mundane job and feels as if he has peaked in high school.   He is contacted by Weirdicht, now known as Bob Stone, days before the high school reunion.  Calvin didn’t really know Bob all that well but decides to meet with him.  It turns out that, while Calvin hasn’t really changed in the 20 years since high school, Bob has transformed himself into a 6’5” 250lbs monster of a man.  Bob tells Calvin that he works for the CIA and that he needs Calvin’s accounting skills to track down a guy named the Black Badger.  Meanwhile the CIA is hunting Bob because they think that he is the Black Badger. 

While the film tries its best to keep you guessing, the plot isn’t very strong and anyone paying attention will be able to see the ending coming.  While about half of the jokes land, none of them are too memorable.  The film is enjoyable however, based primarily on the strength of Hart and Johnson.  The two leads have tremendous chemistry with one another with Hart playing the straight man allowing Johnson to shine. 

 Ultimately this is an ok film with some great cameos and a leading duo that is fun to watch, marred by a sub-par story.

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