Review: Batman Live

As a huge Batman fan you can imagine my excitement when a friend of mine offered me free tickets to Batman Live. Having followed all the hype around Spiderman Live I assumed Batman Live was a small-scale production just for U.K theatres because I hadn’t seen or heard anything about it, but I still experienced a bubbly sick feeling in my stomach while we waited in the queue outside the Liverpool Echo arena. I was not expecting the elaborate sets and costumes or the Broadway budget performers, which are the reality of Batman Live, and left with my mind blown.

Impersonators: Art “WORK” of Despair

Sad Superman

Argentinean Artist Nicolas Silberfaden has taken to documenting the economic, social and cultural crisis in the US. In order to document this, he brought in celebrity impersonators that impersonate actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Marilyn Monroe, and Harrison Ford along with superheroes such as Superman, Batgirl, and Aquaman. Each of the participants photographed live and work in the city of Los Angeles. In these photos he asked the participants to conjure feelings of deep sadness.  Because of the high rate of  unemployment,  they suited up and went to the streets to find a means of making a living. Each of the portraits is photographed against a colorful background which is quite striking with the emotional tone of the images.

Skyrim in Real Life

An entertaining video of what Skyrim would look like in real life. It is quite funny even if you are not familiar with the game play. I am sure Micah could better describe what is going on here than I. However, for all you gamers out there, enjoy!


Lego Captain America is truly a Badass! In this brick film, Cap slaughters a shit-ton of people. The red play-doh is flying everywhere as he barrels he way through the Nazi troops. Body parts are literally taken to nubs. This film was produced by Forrest Fire Films. Take a look at their YouTube channel. They have some pretty funny stuff. Star Wars parodies and more.

Oh the Places You’ll Go as a Superhero!

Oh the Places You Will Go as a Superhero!

Artist: Dr. FaustusAU on deviantart

Batman gets the Dr. Seuss treatment.
The Cat in the Hat and his henchmen Thing 1 and Thing 2 could probably do a number on Robin. These are pretty interesting. I would love to see how the books might read. Below is how I think it might sound: