The F@#$! Sony Episode – Episode 160 – Dense Pixels Podcast

Brad is in California hobnobbing with celebrities so Carrie joins Terrence and Micah this week. We get your opinions on Japanese developers and publishers, talk 4k consoles, find out what viagra and Mass Effect: Andromeda have in common, and Terrence makes his hate known for another Japanese company.

New Apple patent gives clues to the future

Apple has just purchased a patent that would allow for 3D environments on their IOS products (i.e. – Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod touch). This would, of course, be possible without glasses much like some current phones. The idea of 3D gaming on a phone is pretty amazing. Infinity Blade in 3D? Yes, please. I look forward to seeing what Apple can do with this. Side Note: I am glad I waited and didn’t buy the Iphone 4S. Just kidding, this kind of tech will most likely be a few Iphone versions away. Either way, check out the video below for some more info from Mashable: