New Bond, New Q!

Years ago there was a small role for a gadget maker in the James Bond series that became quite iconic as Bond himself. That character was, of course, Q. Played by the funny and loveable Desmond Llewelyn for 17 Bond films until his passing in 1999. He was replaced by John Cleese, who played R, soon after.

Now with a new Bond series of films happening we got news today that the new Q will be played by British actor, Ben Whishaw. He will play Q in the vein of a genius young techie. I look forward to seeing what Whishaw brings to the Skyfall cast.

Episode 10: Ahh Yeah Tiny Titans

This week the guys discuss Bond’s return to the screen, Star Trek villains, Spyro the dragon, and Uncharted 3. Clearly trying to harm themselves, the guys re-watch The Cell.

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