Review: 22 Jump Street


The followup to the highly successful and hilarious 21 Jump Street has a long and tough battle to fight. On one hand it has to not only be funny, but funnier than its predecessor. It also has to tread close to the formula that worked the first time without rehashing the same movie and jokes. I am happy to say that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum absolutely deliver. Amping the franchise up to the next logical level while remaining true to what worked so well for them the first go around.

Review: 21 Jump Street

In 1987 when the original 21 Jump Street was first brought to television we received a great procedural police drama series with young and upcoming stars. In 2012, we revisit the franchise but this time with crude comedy. On the surface, the remake of 21 Jump Street seems like the most ludicrous idea proposed by Hollywood in some time. However, with Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall writing we get a fresh take or an old property.