Mouthful of Toast: Extra Slice – Episode 6.5 – A Toast to Summer ’14

This special extra slice takes a look back on the summer season of anime and takes off its sunglasses to welcome the new series coming in the fall. After a lightning round of first impressions, we examine the first episodes of Terra Formars and Tribe Cool Crew.

New picture of Captain America in action! (High Quality)

New image of Cap after some sort of battle in Marvel’s upcoming summer blockbuster, The Avengers. This goes right along with a previously released image of Cap and Thor fighting off some would be alien aggressors. No official word yet as to who The Avengers will be going toe-to-toe with. However, whoever it is is in for a world of hurt. See the new image after the jump.

New trailer for Battleship

I can’t believe they were able to make such a rip off of a Micheal Bay movie without being sued. They could have just called it Transformers 4: Water Battles. Why in the hell is Liam Nesson even in this? I like mindless action from time to time but man, this looks awful. Once again, this is what is passing for American action movies these days. Look for Battleship coming to theaters May 2012. Final note, I will bet any amount of money that the line, “you sunk my battleship” is used. Spoiler Alert this will suck. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.