The Nerdpocalypse podcast – Episode 37: Micah sunk my Battleship!

This week the guys talk Verizon data plans, Diablo 3 impressions, and a man with 30 kids!!! We also talk about She-Hulk, Ridley Scott slander, and we review Battleship.

Verizon goes after Netflix’s bread and butter

Verizon has decided to through its hat in the ring for streaming services coming in 2012. The notion that Verizon will be able to make significant inroads is laughable to me. While some are upset that Netflix changed its pricing system recently, the thought of a cable provider being able to match Netflix or better it is very unlikely. The entire popularity of Netflix is based on two things:

  • Alternative to cable companies and their insane pricing (i.e. – $100+ dollars a month)
  • Netflix’s ubiquity on home devices (i.e. – phones, tablet, and gaming consoles)

Episode 06: Forty Dollars? You are insane!

This week the guys discuss the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, Xbox360 goes TV, and Real Steel. Jay can’t wait to get rid of cable tv. Micah pays way to much for 3D. Matthew is ashamed of dancing white kids.

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