LGBT folks are family, friends, and now heroes!

I normally try not to bring politics to this website and our podcast, as I find it can be very divisive in a lot of circles. However, after reading an article and the comment thread about the D.C. comics reveal of Alan Scott being homosexual, I just couldn’t let it go. While I support people’s right to write whatever they want I do think articles like this are unabashedly immature and offensive. Now, I don’t believe that just because something is offense means it shouldn’t exist. I’m writing this to start a much needed conversation about LGBT treatment in the nerd community, a community I have been apart of for a very long time (pushes up glasses from edge of his nose).

The article, which you will find at called: Gay Character Picks Showcase DC/Marvel's Cowardice proposes that because of the political left in America we are seeing the push of the gay agenda...OHHHH SCARY! I find this pathetic and sad really. A community who champions groups like the X-men and yet some can’t handle the idea of gay characters in their comics. Lets take a walk through comic history for a minute shall we. A comic series for example, The X-men, was solely created to push a political agenda. That agenda being equal rights for African Americans in the United States. Its a fact that Professor X and Magneto were mirrored after two prominent civil rights leaders at the time, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X, respectively. What has happened to folks in the nerd community who have so quickly forgotten this fact, or perhaps they never knew it. Either way, I implore you to grow the hell up.

What if I don’t like the gays? What if I think its weird? To those questions, I say, who cares. It doesn’t matter what you think about the LGBT community. They have every right to exist and enjoy the same human benefits as everyone else. I’m an American and its about damn time we grew up and moved on. As a black American I have seen just how slighted minority characters are and I for one am glad to see yet another marginalized group be brought into the mainstream of comics. Don’t worry, your precious Batman or Superman aren’t going to be dancing shirtless at a gay club, nor will Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn raise a newly adopted child together. Then again maybe they will and you will just have to get use to it. When Ultimate Spider-Man was announced to be half black-half latino I thought it was great. Now my young nephew can see his favorite hero and realize that they look similar. Same goes with gay heroes. Some kid right now who is gay has something in common with Alan Scott and NorthStar. If you are a straight white male you may have never had to think about this, and if you haven’t its about time you did. The nerd community can be very elitist and largely shun new ideas or changes to the norm, its time we did better.

This was clearly a publicity stunt to make money! This is an argument I often hear and you can read many variations on that in the aforementioned article. Well yes it is, but that doesn’t negate the helpfulness of the act. Just because you benefit from something financially doesn’t mean its impact is far less for a person in said community that you are addressing. Marvel and DC are businesses, and their ultimate goal is to make money. Should Marvel not have created the X-men? Scarlet Spider-man? Should DC not have created John Stewart? The answers to all these questions are obvious if you aren’t an asshole like the author of that article. I know, maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh, but I actually care about the nerd community and progress is what keep things from dying. If we hold the same views as the author how are we any different from the assholes at 1 Million Moms? Spoiler Alert: We wouldn’t be.

So now that both Marvel and DC have openly gay characters, not top level guys but still fairly known, what do we do? NOTHING...we move the fuck on. If it bothers you that gay characters exist then that’s your problem, grow up. While you wallow in your insecurity and immaturity the rest of the world will continue to enjoy storylines that have merit and mirror sections of the human experience. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day most people are fine with the new developments at both Marvel and DC, but this article was to the folks who just can’t get over it. I pride myself on being reasonable, try and do the same.