Knight of the Living Death Threats: TDKR Reviews

TDKR reviews

Nerds are always arguing over the quality of comic book films. The Amazing Spider-man earlier this month elicited just such a debate. On the podcast we have taken part in many of these debates. However, rarely do you see them resort to death threats. This was not the case with the rating of The Dark Knight Rises on Rotten Tomatoes. Nerds, such as myself, are not use to anything less than an A. Well, The Dark Rises rating was a punch to the gut of oh so many over-achievers. Rotten Tomatoes reported a rating of 87 percent fresh for The Dark Knight Rises. Apparently a B+ is unacceptable in the eyes of Nolanites.

The film's fervent followers began bombarding the site with comments. The extent to which this escalated would lead one to believe that several reviewers had lambasted the film. However, at the time that this took place there were only two reviewers that had made given less than stellar reviews, Marshall Fine and Christy Lemire. Beyond the death threats, that were pointed at both Fine and Lemire, there were other nasty remarks. We discussed the misogyny that often rears its ugly head on the Internet on the podcast Episode 41. These comments on the site were of course directed towards Ms. Lemire. Look Internets stop being DICKS! Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to act like one!

Beyond the legitimate reviews were those posted by trollers in order to stir the pot. Good job troll-y, pour gasoline on the fire. The comments became so bad that the comment section for Rotten Tomatoes had to close. All in all this is just dumb! Stop being whiney ass bitches and relying on external validation. Wait until you see the movie on Friday and decide for yourself. Or are you just too afraid to rely on your own judgement?