Nerd-Core Failing: The Fall of Geek Royalty, MC Chris

null MC Chris is Dead... is the name of one of MC Chris' albums and maybe it foretold the future.

Do you know of MC Chris? He's a high pitched geek culture rapper made a bit extra famous by his roles as MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the infamous Hesh on SeaLab 2021. Over the years he has toured A LOT, almost constantly. He sells his CDs mostly at shows and online through iTunes and Amazon. He's been at this over ten years now with songs consisting mostly of geek references like Sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and how hard life is as a geek growing up. This dude's fanbase is pretty big and rather loyal. I used to be one of them... used to.

Before I get into my story let me tell you why we're even talking about this guy today. There is an article on Kotaku about an incident Tuesday night were MC Chris had Mike Taylor, a regular contributer, kicked out of the venue due to a tweet Taylor had just made. The contents of that tweet?

"Dear Nerd Rapper opening for Powerglove/mcchris. You're not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time."

Having seen the tweet MC Chris walked on stage, not during his own set, and asked who wrote the tweet. When he got an answer he asked security to remove Mr. Taylor from the show. Sound petty? Well here's where I get to tell my story.

Almost a year ago a friend of mine, Jeremy, talked me into seeing his show at a local club, the Ottobar. It was a great show. We got good seats in the balcony to the left of the stage where you are absurdly close to the action. Jeremy and I are not quiet people by nature and we can get rather... energetic when we want to be. So there we were, cheering for each act and even getting the crowd to chant for each guy. We sang along A LOT and just had tons of fun. During the act MC Chris did two things. One, he told the audience about his father struggling with cancer and how hard it was hitting him. Two, he called Jeremy and I douches. We thought he was kidding as that was about all he did in our direction.

So the show ends and we get in line to talk to him. Jeremy wanted a picture and I wanted to relate to him my family's struggles with cancer and how there is always hope. Well Jeremy got his picture but then MC told us to go away because we were, "Annoying and rude." Ok, that's messed up. I even told him why I wanted to talk to him and he told us to leave. Whatever, there were other performers there so we go to their merch tables and chat with them, Jeremy even bought a couple of CDs. Just then a guy from the club's security came up to us and said we had to get out because MC Chris said so. We were puzzled and the security looked confused to. Jeremy asked if he could finish up and bouncer-dude said yeah. Then we left peacefully. The anger didn't really set in for another fifteen minutes or so.

So this dude kicked two huge fans out of a rock show after the show was over just to be bitter. I tried to chalk it up to the dad/cancer thing and recently was getting over my dislike of him when this other business came up. With it, other fans started talking and apparently this is something he does all the time. So now this guy is getting a ton of backlash from his fans which causes him to post the following video to YouTube: I'm Sorry

So there's that. You can judge for yourself but at the 2:27 mark he shows us what I like to call the Tears of a Clown. This video is only happening because of the tremendous backlash he's now getting from previously loyal fans. He's been treating people like crap for a while but since it was only one or two people at a time in a crowd and deliriously happy fans no one really cared. Now he crapped on the wrong person over a tweet that wasn't even directed at him. He writes songs about how much bullies suck and failed to realize he was becoming one himself. Now I believe he's sincerely sorry but not for the right reasons. Just the words he chooses to use are all wrong. He seems to simply be scared he might lose this thing he's spent so long building.

Now I'm not one to wish someone's means of making a living would suddenly vanish. I'm not hoping his career goes in the toilet. However he needs to learn a hard lesson. Maybe he can make a change. Maybe...but he has a long road ahead to prove to people that he doesn't suck anymore.

Until I get my personal apology I'll continue to tell people what kind of douche he is.