Tragedy in Aurora

In the early morning hours in Aurora, Colorado 12 people were murdered and many more seriously injured. A lone gunman opened fire in a movie theater packed full of innocent people. What movie they were watching or exactly how this, clearly mentally unstable person, killed these people is irrelevant. I will not bother telling you the name of the killer, as his name will not ever be written on this site. No pics, no links, just discussion. Here at The Nerdpocalypse we have fun bringing the news and information about your favorite topics and it really sucks to have to even write this article. To the families and friends that lost love ones all we can say is we are sorry for your loss, and we can't even begin to truly understand your pain. This is a true tragedy and nothing should be entertaining about that, I am speak directly to the media in this regard.

When I sat down to think about what to write and how to present this story I was very perplexed on how to talk about it. Who the hell am I? Besides saying that this sucks what else is there left to say? Then as I did more reading I saw a familiar trend and I want to address that here, right now.

The notion of a mental disturbed person committing such a heinous crime for no real reason seems to be something that the media cannot grasp. There are already reports of whether or not the particular movie inspired the killer. The answer is no, and I don't care what statement he made to the police. The killer is insane and that's enough. We are a society that always wants to assign some grander motive behind these events. Sometimes the answer is simple, and that can be a scary thing. So let's remember that this is a time of strength not weakness. Reports are coming in that some executives are thinking of pulling the movie from the theaters nation wide for a while. This is the exact wrong move. Why let this killer have time in the spotlight? Soldier on goddammit. Don't let some asshole with a gun paralyze us as a people. We are better than that.