The Nostalgia Critic Has Been Retired

Photobucket In recent years a new corner of the internet has emerged. Largely thanks to YouTube, video reviews have become the new thing to do. With the ease of making a video and being able to post it for the world to see with a few clicks on the mouse. Of course there are millions of these videos out there but the truly worthwhile content producers manage to stick out in all of the noise. Doug Walker and his series The Nostalgia Critic was one of those.

Doug Walker Created his own website,, to host several of his own video series including Bum Reviews, Ask That Guy and 5 Second Movies. The most popular though was The Nostalgia Critic in which Doug adapted a rather sardonic attitude and harshly reviewed movies from his youth. As the popularity for his content grew he sought out other content creators. Eventually they banded together to become Channel Awesome, a group of online video producers, with the Nostalgia Critic still being the main draw.

September 12th marked the end of this era, however, as Doug announced the end of his most popular series. The last episode actually aired on August 14th with a bit of a nod to the last episode of Star Trek TNG but no one really knew if it was the end.The answer took a while as Channel Awesome's 4th anniversary film, "To Boldly Flee", began airing in eight installments. The culmination of which saw The Critic ascend to become a cosmic being. It sounds nutty but it works in context.

The Critic had quite the fan base among geek culture online. The end of this series is no laughing matter to quite a few including myself. It was truly my main draw to Channel Awesome content. Doug Walker seems to have grown weary of it though. The last episode had an in character rant that I feel was inspired by his own feelings of being stuck doing these episodes every week for the past five years. Well those episodes not only paid his bills but, according to his announcement, allowed him to purchase studio space in which he and others will begin producing a new show with a casting call announcement coming soon.

Will he succeed in this endeavor after ending the most popular series on his site? Only time will tell, but for more Critic. So for now...I am very disappointed. My Wednesdays will be just a little more empty.