Adam WarRock Deserves Your Nerdly Support

Adam WarRock You Dare If you are reading this page and you like hip-hop then pay attention, this is important.

Not long ago I wrote a brief article about nerd rapper MC Chris, a "man" that will not get a link from this page, talking about how he treats fans and has treated me in the past. Well some good things did come from that night and it was discovering some other artists that deserve your attention a lot more than that other dude. I might write up other articles about the other guys that were there but for now I would LOVE IT if you guys turned your attention to this man, Adam WarRock. That other dude goes for the depressing or the funny but Adam truly loves his craft and is not only in it to make truly good hip hop but he mixes in his love of all things geeky with not just brief mentions but, in old school rap style, he tells a story. Be it about the characters he loves or about himself relating to them. He does so with some pretty good beats and very creative rhyme schemes. For a geek like me that also loves hip hop with actual rhythm, not that thugged out street crap, it's pure heaven in my ears.

Of course none of what I am saying really works without hearing him for yourself so please drop by the following link to download some of his free stuff and then look him up on Amazon to download some of his not so free stuff. It's well worth it. I was just out for a walk and came home rocking to his song, MLF: The Mutant Liberation Front. If you get to it try out his song 616 and join me in petitioning Jay to use it for the new Podcast opening theme.

FREE STUFF from Adam WarRock: link

There's also his YouTube account which is full of his random rap tributes to TV shows, political issues and other random things. Check it out!