Iron Man 3 Plot Theory

IronMan3After watching the fantastic full trailer for Iron Man 3 I was left doing what most mega nerds like myself always do. We examine, look for clues, and try to figure out little nuggets of information. Well after close examination, I think I found a pretty good one. Take a journey with me between comic book movies and comics themselves for the answers.We need to head all the way back to the beginning of Matt Fraction’s run of Invincible Iron Man; starting in 2008. I recently re-read this series so this was fresh in my mind. Fraction’s run begins with a story arc called The Five Nightmares. Tony Stark finds himself being put through the ringer when he is being hunted by an unknown character. He narrates throughout the story about what his top five nightmares are as Iron Man. One of the earliest moments in “The Five Nightmares” is a group of people in Tanzania who act as suicide bombers in the middle of a crowded area. Its a visceral scene that really gets the book into full swing. Before we get further into my theory, take a look at this scene from the recently released trailer.

Notice the silhouettes that are burned into the walls from some sort of explosion; pretty odd. Well back in The Five Nightmares these suicide bombers have makeshift arc reactors embedded in them that cause them to explode. “I can’t sleep and when I do, I have nightmares...” is what Tony says at the exact same moment a kid touches one of the explosion silhouettes; pretty curious. At this point that might not seem like much, but its about to get clearer. Take a look at the below screen grab.

That man laying on the ground is sadly Happy Hogan and he isn’t looking too good. If you look closely at his chest he seems to have a blue light on it. I believe this is an arc reaction, and I think Hogan is being used as a bomb. Below are images from Invincible Iron Man #1 that shows what the suicide bombers look like. (Click to enlarge)

In the comics, The Mandarin is not responsible for the suicide bombers but there is nothing to say that this couldn’t change for the movie. The Mandarin refers to himself as a teacher, so maybe this is a part of his lesson; the world isn’t safe. So there you have it, my theory of one of the plot points in the movie. What do you think? Did you notice something in the trailer that leads you to another conclusion? Let me know in the comment section. Also just watch the trailer again...its glorious: