Uncanny Avengers address Mutant Identity Issues

Rabble Rabble Rabble!

Recently it was brought to my attention that there is controversy going on in the Comic Nerd World. In my short time as a Comic Nerd I have learned that this happens every once in a while. A "controversial issue" rears its head and the fanboys get up in arms and get to typing on their keyboards in forums with the fury of 10 lusty virgins during a fap session (too much?). Now I put controversial issue in quotes because for some the issue really isn't a controversial issue. It's something that is blown out of proportion by people who have way too much time on their hands, way too much Internet access and way too many venues to voice their opinion. Don't get me wrong...everyone is entitled to an opinion about any and every topic one can think of and even some that nobody can think of. It's our God given, American earned right goddamnit! But I also have every right to call you a dumb ass for said opinion. Which is in essence what I'm going to do in this post...now lets get to it!

For years the X-Men have always represented the civil rights struggle of minorities. At least in my eyes it has. I dont know about others. For others it might just be mutants fighting each other, superhero stuff and what have you. But for me it has always been a comic book superhero representation of what African Americans and many other minorities have gone through for the last few decades. I even viewed Professor X as a comic book version of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Magneto is Malcolm X. If you have never thought about it, I say you take a moment to pause reading this and REALLY think about this comparison...


Okay done? Good. Now as I was saying, the X-Men were used to relay what was going on in real life situations just with superhuman beings. And this is no different now that there is a team of mutants (read mostly former X-Men members) called the Uncanny Avengers. I've been reading the Uncanny Avengers and I'll admit that the title doesn't exactly thrill me and I don't get excited when a new issue is released but I've been following it because I can see that they are going back to the old school way of telling X-Men like stories with this title. In Uncanny Avengers #5 Havok the brother of Cyclops, the man who set the world on fire, makes a speech...and this is where the controversy comes in:                                                                      photophoto (1)

Apparently people felt Havok stating that he doesn't want to be called a "mutant", declaring the word itself "divisive" and calling it the "m-word" was a denial of his genetic makeup, a denial of who he is and his desire to be like normal people instead of just being accepted as who is. *slow blinks* I'm sorry but...what? I fail to see how Havok/Alex not wanting to be defined by his genetic makeup is a declaration of him denouncing his mutant side. I saw this speech as Alex saying "I am more than just a mutant." How is this any different than African Americans not wanting to be called "colored people" or "black"? How is it wrong that he doesn't want to be defined by not the color of your skin/genetic makeup but by your character? Your personality? Your actions? Thoughts? He doesn't want to be called a word that carries a negative stigma with it and basically at this point is a slur. I fail to see how this can be construed as a bad thing. But maybe that's because I don't like labels of any kind. I want to be judged based off my character, my personality. I don't want be seen as just a woman, nerd, Scorpio, African American, psycho etc. I want to be seen as Danielle, a unique individual with a rather generic name that happens to blow your mind. I don't want to be thrown into the mix with others just because I have something in common with them. I understand that people are comfortable with labels but a label cannot and will not summarize who I am as a person. And I doubt it can or ever will summarize anyone else as a person. So I say, "Right on Alex!" There is absolutely nothing wrong with Alex wanting to separate himself from a label that instills fear and hatred into the heart and mind of others. Maybe that's what we all need to do? Maybe? Be individuals? Separate ourselves from the pack? No? Well okay...I tried.