Guest Post: Evolution of Arcade Games vs. Evolution of Casino Games

Poker_Chips Evolution of Arcade Games vs. Evolution of Casino Games

The paths of arcade games and casino games as they have evolved over the years have been very different.  Both types of games have been widely played since the seventies and have both ended up being available on mobile devices, but took very different journeys to get there. Casino Games

The development of the internet has played a massive part in the development of casino games.  As the quality of technology has improved, so too have our desires to achieve advanced levels of entertainment.  As the internet has become more popular and central to our everyday lives, you’ll have noticed the increasing prominence of online casinos, which are the internet versions of the classic brick and mortar casinos.  The appearance of these casinos has made it possible for players to get involved with a large selection of casino games from the comfort of their own homes.  Gambling games were available on computers before the introduction of the internet in the early nineties, but players could not gamble with real money, which is the main appeal of casino gaming.  Now that high speed internet connections are available wherever we go, players can now connect to a ‘real-money’ game almost instantly.  The first online casino to open its virtual doors launched in 1996.

The latest development in this industry is the rise of mobile gaming. Players can now instantly connect to all types of games on their phones, such as casino games, poker and bingo. (For information on the best mobile bingo sites, visit

These mobile casinos have been developed to support all mobile devices.  Whether you have an Android, Blackberry, Windows or Apple device, most major online casinos offer full compatibility.

However, the casino game which shows the greatest progress in bingo. In the past, the immediate association with bingo was mouldy halls crammed full with pensioners. However, today the game is part of the overall obsession with mobile gaming, and people of all ages are hooked on playing bingo on their mobiles. (Click here to learn more about playing bingo on iPhones.)

Arcade Games

Arcade games were the earliest computerised games released.  In the beginning, these were huge, coin-operated machines.  The earliest known coin-operated machine dates back to 1971, when the Galaxy Game was released.  Soon after this, arcade games started being made for gaming consoles. In 1972, Atari Inc. released Pong, a simple version of table tennis which is still well-known to this day.   The arcade game industry progressed as technology improved and gaming consoles and PCs became more advanced.

The ‘Golden Age’ of arcade games was from 1978 until 1986 and was sparked by the launch of Space Invaders, the first blockbuster video game.  The development in games continued through the following two decades as more advanced games consoles were designed.  We are now entering what is considered to be the eighth generation of console games, and devices of this era include the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As smartphones and wireless internet technology has developed, the mobile gaming market has been thriving. Today, there are thousands of games which people can play wherever they are.

The fact that these two forms of gaming have taken such different paths and both ended up on mobile devices show how central mobile computing has become to our lives.  As much as mobile gaming in general continues to grow, it is doubtful that the desire for real life casinos or console gaming will ever be removed.