A Visit to Baltimore Comic-Con 2013!

Baltimore-Comic-Con-620x250 Another year in Baltimore means another visit to the local Comic-Con. Now our comic convention isn't the Great-Big-Giant-Deal that San Diego and New York Comic-Cons are but they are still fun. We have a few awesome guests and comic creators hanging about their booths but rarely anything huge. This year Stan Lee and Kevin Smith were planned to appear but Stan Lee canceled. I'm fine with that as both of these guys charge a TON of money just to say hi and get an autograph. I went without and simply enjoyed the show floor.

So aside from buying all kinds of stuff you don't need but really, really what is there to see? Costumes, my friend! The cosplay at this convention keeps ramping up each year. There was a time where you'd barely see any but these days you can't walk five feet without seeing a new person dressed as an awesome character. With that in mind I had my camera and my handy press badge to let people know I wasn't just a creeper and I took a whole lotta pics so we could share some of these guys with you. And wow, there are some great costumes to share this year. Enjoy. I know I did!