What Do You Mean I Cant Be Superman?

lady_avengers__assemble__by_kathrynlillie-d52idse The year was 1991 and it was time for Halloween. I was all dressed up in my Superman costume...an anxious happy budding little fangirl at the age of 5 without a care in the world. I was walking with my mom in my elementary school when a teacher approached me and asked who I was supposed to be. I proudly held my head up high and stuck out my little chest as I declared, "I'm SUPERMAN!" The woman frowned at me and said, "Oh honey, you're a girl. You can't be Superman. You're Supergirl!" I instantly got visibly upset and confused. Enter the heroine of our little story: MY MOM. "Excuse me, but don't you ever tell my daughter who she can or can't be. She is not limited by her gender. If she says she's Superman then that's who the hell she is. My daughter can be whomever and whatever she chooses to be." (My mom is awesome.) Once again, my head was held up high and my little chest poked out. I'm Superman bitch...

I tell this amazing story because in the year 2013 I find it amazing that even now we are still trying to put a limit on young girls and women by telling them, "No. You can't do this because you're a GIRL!" We tell them "You must like pink because it's for girls, you can't play with action figures, you don't like sports and you can't possibly read comic books or like anything geek related." It amazes me that when I mention to some men that I enjoy a lot, if not almost everything that they like, they look at me like I'm an anomaly or with skepticism. IT'S A LIE! GIRLS DON'T LIKE THESE KINDS OF THINGS!!!!!!! Well you'd be surprised buddy. I know a very large number of (single, beautiful) women who are bigger geeks and sports fans than the men that I know.


As mentioned by this week's TheNerdpocalypse Podcast, "No Penis, No Batman" (great episode by the way), Paul Dini claims that executives don't want girls watching their shows because apparently girls don't buy the toys. I just don't get the stupidity and laziness of this statement. Instead of trying to figure out what they can do to get more girls buying the toys or possibly making a product geared towards 51% of the population, executives choose to just shrug their shoulders and say, "Welp we're just going to IGNORE this demographic because we assume that they won't buy our product since they obviously can't like it due to their lack of a penis." Seriously? Do you not realize that the people who shop the most are of the female persuasion? Isn't that one of the stereotypes that comes with being a woman? That we like to shop?


Shes a smart cookie...

This way of thinking is why we so rarely see a strong female lead in a superhero and/or action movie. These executives think that a movie with a strong female lead will not do well and no one will go see it. I mean they're correct right? Nobody wants to see a woman with a good head on her shoulders, quick witted and kicking ass right? Who wants to see that!? Oh look Hunger Games Catching Fire made over $700 MILLION Worldwide so far. And oh look! The main character is a strong, quick witted, ass kicking young lady! Oh and would ya look at that, according to recent reports there's an increase in young women doing archery because they were inspired by who? Katniss Everdeen the female lead of the Hunger Games! *gasp* Yeah, you executives need to get your head out of your asses and realize that the female gender makes up a large portion of your consumers, we kick ass and we want to see other women who kick ass on the big screen! Give Wonder Woman (the Queen of Badassness) a fair chance by casting a woman that pretty much embodies what it means to be an Amazon, not just another pretty face. Give many of the other popular and well liked female superheroes a shot by putting them into movies or giving them shows. Most importantly, give the little girls of the world a chance by giving them someone to look up to and aspire to be. Stop telling them that they can't do things because they lack a penis. You're missing out on a lot of money by ignoring them and plus its plain ole rude. I'm just saying...

Movie Reboots, Remakes, and Retries...Let's give it a second look!

In the modern world of cinema there are many adages that are true. One of the more prominent ones is, if the movie fails we can just reboot it! We have seen this general thought process come in many forms. Whether it is because of the lack of success in a movie, to retain ownership rights, or to just avoid coming up with new ideas Hollywood is currently crazy for movie reboots. With the newly released remake, The Amazing Spider-Man, we are once again put on the train to Rebootsville and told everything will be alright, but will it? The general consensus about big budget Hollywood reboots is, they are bad news and shouldn't be done. However, I would like talk about why we might actually be wrong. Queue menacing music and table flipping gestures.

In the comic book movie and action genres reboots are clearly the most prevalent. We have seen reboots of Batman, Judge Dredd, Total Recall, Spider-Man, Daredevil and many others done or put in the on deck circle for future remakes. All of these are horrible ideas and none should be remade? Arguably Christopher Nolan's Batman movies have been leaps and bounds above what Burton and especially Schumacher were able to accomplish. The much more serious tone and progression in film making in general have made the Batman trilogy accepted as amazing films not just a superhero movies.

Another massive franchise that has received a soft reboot of sorts is Fox's X-Men. With the release of X-Men First Class audiences were re-introduced to some crowd favorites and some new comers. While I would have preferred a full reboot I think this works alright for Fox. I think a large part of not full dismissing the previous films was to not be saddled with the label of reboot. X-Men First Class allowed for a kick in the pants to a stale and failing franchise. While I thought X-Men First Class was not as good as X-Men 2, it served as the jumping off point that Fox needed to make up for that atrocity they called X-Men 3.

So are all reboots a bad thing? Surely not, but what about if my favorite movie gets remade? What if they remake Back to the Future starring Zak Efron!? Well they just will make it and I will choose to see it or not. The creation of remakes doesn't diminish the originals. Sometimes movies are for different generations. While I love Goonies and Back to the Future more than my unborn child I think younger kids would get less out of it than I did. Context is everything. When kids see the new Spider-Man they are wrapped up in the awesomeness of the CGI and story. If you showed them the Raimi ones, they might like it but probably not as much. The reason being, they have seen better CGI on Saturday morning cartoons. The tech is always pushing forward. I watched some Raimi Spider-Man clips and guess what...they look very dated, not bad, just dated.

Now with some movies we have out right failures from the jump and they NEED to be rebooted. Take Superman Returns for instance. This thing was a giant failure and really let down tons of fans, me included. However, the upcoming Man of Steel promises to be a real game changer in the world of Superman. I for one can't wait. Should they just make a sequel to an abhorrent movie and hope we ignore the super kid and a terrible Lois Lane? No, they need to wipe everyone's mind of that movie. So something like Superman, who is the granddaddy of all superheroes needs to be done right. Reboot AWAY!!!!

So that begs the ultimate question. What is the track record of the recent reboots, remakes, and retries? Well pretty damn good actually. Lets take a look:

Batman: WAAAAY better than previous tries! Spider-Man: In my opinion much more character driven, better effects. X-Men: Better in some parts. Far better than X-Men 1 and 3. Total Recall: Trailer looks promising. Original is fun, but not a great movie. Judge Dredd: Oh Come on...it couldn't be worst! G.I. Joe: Soft reboot but looks to be light years ahead 21 Jump Street: Reboot of a show, but hilarious movie. Conan: Ok that was a FAIL. Original not amazing, just nostalgia drives it. Robocop: Great original, cast in new movie has amazing potential.

Lastly, there is some Hollywood scuttlebutt (that term is hilarious) that a remake of The Twilight Saga is going to happen pretty quickly after the movie series is done. Well to that I say, fuck you! I have my limits. Redoing a movie series immediately after it was done before is just trying to cash in. While all movies are designed to make money that is just craven. Also, those movie SUCK OUT LOUD! So I don't think we should dismiss reboots out of hand so easily, but I do think there are bounds of reason. Put your thoughts in the comments!

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