Why Some Comic Book Characters Should Not Have TV Shows

The Flash Earlier this week The CW announced that it has plans to possibly bring The Flash to the small screen. With the relative success of Arrow, the Warner Bros owned television station is feeling like this superhero thing on a small scale is a pretty good idea. Having a 10 season run of the incredibly popular Smallville doesn't hurt things either. So its only a matter of time until we see the Scarlet Speedster make his way to The CW. Many fans of the character are excited but unfortunately, I am not one of them. The CW has a poor track record for these super hero based shows. The 10 season run of Smallville might have been a financial success but frankly that show was terrible. Under the guise of a superhero drama, it was more of a teen aged angst ridden weekly program. However, with the success of Arrow (note: I'm not a fan, read my review of it here) The CW is on track to try and make magic happen again with The Flash.

There are numerous style and capability reasons why I think a property like The Flash should stay far away from The CW. However, lets take a look at some of the more obvious reasons. Many point to Arrow as being a fine example of how The CW has been producing a quality super hero show. I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment. While I don't like the show I can certainly appreciate the reasons why people dig it. However, with a show like Smallville I don't get it. The massive difference between a show about Green Arrow and one about The Flash is simple: super powers. Green Arrow is just some guy with human capable skills. The Flash can run so fast that he phases through objects. Putting that or just his normal running speed onscreen will be highly expensive and difficult. Take a look at the last time The Flash was shown on television (Smallville):

Do we really want this? Do you think that every time The Flash runs on this proposed show he will get some super fancy vantage points? No, you will get those terrible looking blurs and that HORRENDOUS slow motion running. As a fan, I don't want this. These are the type of things that help diminish the impact of seeing superheroes in movies. Terrible treatments like this might get fans excited but this only helps to shorten the life span of these type of properties in the mainstream.

With all that said, I think The CW and other channels have a place in the superhero marketplace. Marvel is introducing their Agents of SHIELD television show this fall and they are going about it in the proper way in my opinion. Taking non-super power people in the Marvel universe and making them the show's focus. Sure there will be some powered characters, but they will likely be "monsters of the week" instead of the main characters. DC should follow suit and shoot for lesser knowns in their universe or lower powered ones. My suggestion is a team up show with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. These two jackasses are lesser known to the general public, but could be done easily with a television budget.

Blue Beetle Booster Gold

So at the end of the day, there are far better picks for a television show than just the members of the Justice League. If you want to expand the movie universe you don't take heroes who will likely be huge movie projects and scale them down to only be rebooted and retold later to confused audiences. You choose characters that have ZERO chance of being on the radar of the average Joe. Hopefully if the show is successful people will clamor for a movie. Warner Bros is working on saturating the market with low budget, poorly acted, and poorly directed series that will only hurt their brand and the live action super hero genres in the long run. Do better WB! Demand better fans!