How Captain America: The Winter Soldier shapes the MCU


Article contains spoilers of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After seeing the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier unfold any fan can see the fractures that are going to effect certain aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cap2 presents a full dismantling of the SHIELD organization in the end. Where Agents of SHIELD goes next is probably the biggest question. While Hydra has been revealed as a cancer growing inside the SHIELD organization for a number decades what does all this mean for Coulson and his crew? At this point can we even have a SHIELD television show?

I am not a massive fan of the Agents of SHIELD and after watching Cap2 I thought to myself, “wow this is a perfect way to cancel that show and move on to the Netflix programs.” However, to be fair to Agents of SHIELD I went back and watched the last few episodes and was much more impressed with what is taking place. In the past, the show suffered from refusing to tightly connect itself to the MCU, instead it would barely mention MCU characters by name. Now, we get a full connected and realized set of characters. While I think it has a ways to go, it certainly kept my interest more than it did in the past. So how do you have a SHIELD show when there is no SHIELD? My theory is that the spy organization will be ground down into what it was in the beginning of the first Iron Man. A seemingly small government apparatus that worked to shape things in the background. I would love to see SHIELD head back to its covert roots and play more to events like the opening sequence on the ship in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

So at the end of Cap2 we find Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, and Nick Fury all sort of going their separate ways after they basically put themselves out of a job. So what do we do with these folks that are so tied to the military wing of the MCU? Two words: Secret Avengers. With Avengers: Age of Ultron coming up soon we are getting more super powered characters joining the team, which makes less and less sense for non-powered ones to be there. Why do we need Black Widow and her two handguns when we are getting a telekinetic woman, her super fast running brother, and likely a fully sentient robot? The truth is you don’t. So how do we do this and make it logical. Split off some of these people and let them rebuild SHIELD in a new light.


So Black Widow is easily the most “gray area” hero outside of Nick Fury in the MCU. She is incredibly loyal to Fury and is willing to do things that are out of bounds. She should lead the Secret Avenger team. Hawkeye is also a logical choice here and would be a great addition to a team whose goals are more militarily minded. His use of arrows makes him a silent but deadly asset. War Machine being a part of this team also makes an incredible large amount of sense. Allowing him to be established as his own man, and not just Tony Stark’s sidekick. Rhodey is another character bound by his duty as a soldier first. Last but certainly not least, is the best addition to this group. He is fast, strong, incredibly capable and he can be relentless in a fight; The Winter Soldier. Bucky Barnes comes to realize who he is by the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Its clear to any comic fan where things are potentially going. Barnes will get reformed and work for SHIELD in some capacity. Since Cap isn’t willing to work in the shadows anymore, The Winter Soldier is the perfect choice. He has the strength close to Steve Rogers and tons of experience in being a covert agent. Just this time around he is working for the good guys. So there you have it, another bad ass team that keeps SHIELD relevant, but small and manageable. They would take orders directly from Nick Fury and possibly Maria Hill. We can start to see proper agents make their way into both Agents of SHIELD and the MCU by rebuilding the spy organization.

There is such great potential in a Secret Avengers wing of SHIELD. This would keep the idea of 70s spy thriller action films alive in the MCU. Seeing The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, War Machine (Iron Patriot should be repainted back to the classic for covert colors), and Hawkeye in some more grounded action against Hydra and possibly AIM would be smart. The over the top heroics of space aliens and such should stay in the regular Avengers territory.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you see the MCU shaping up differently? If so, leave your ideas below as well.

Marvel Characters that should get a shot at Television

Marvel-logo With the recent news of Marvel Studios shopping around a 60 episode block to be shared between a reported 4 shows, the internet is abuzz with possiblities. Fans have been speculating what should be Marvel's next step, and many names are being thrown out there for consideration. Marvel's first television attempt, Agents of SHIELD, has enjoyed a level of success but fans seem to be craving more established heroes and villains on the small screen. Here are a few options that I thought could be cool to see on a weekly basis or on a video on demand service such as Netflix, which is rumored to be a consideration.



We have talked about him many times as the most logical choice when it comes to bringing out some moderately big comic names to television. Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day, and an ass whooping blind vigilante by night. His show could be a cross between a crime procedural like Law and Order and Showtime's favorite murdering vigilante, Dexter. The similarities between Dexter and Daredevil are very clear. The main difference being that Daredevil is not out for murder, just justice. Due to his costume, special abilities, and distinct life outside of being a costume hero this show works perfectly as a serious adult oriented show that deals more with the criminal underbelly of the Marvel Universe. Also, it could pave the way for comedic cameos by She-Hulk who is also a lawyer.


The Runaways

The Runaways were discussed as a Marvel film years ago, but once the Avengers initiative got going they got pushed to the side. Currently, Marvel has no teen or children heroes in their group. This is where you solve that problem. A group of teens who find out that their parents are actually super villains team up and discover they also have abilities. Teens versus parents, growing up issues, interconnected with their admiration for the other established universe heroes like The Avengers and you've got a fun series. The comedic elements of the comic series are well written and there is no reason for that not to continue on television. Something like Runaways hits the target demographic and allows for more Marvel universe insanity. For example, one girl in the group has a pet dinosaur, who becomes sort of like a mascot for the group. They ride around in the 'Leapfrog,' which is a frog like car/plane and fight smaller named villains. This is a perfect out of left field choice.

 Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire

Powerman and Iron Fist are two heroes who can really open up the Marvel universe. For their associations alone, they possess the unique ability to give the universe a little more color. Think of a Heroes for Hire show like a super power buddy cop show. They roll with a crew of hilarious badasses: Misty Knight, Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Humbug, and many others. They probably have the most rotating roster of any superhero team next to The Avengers. I feel like the show could strike a perfect action/comedy balance like the Lethal Weapon movies did.



Let me just say this is NOT going to happen. However, it would great to see Matt Fraction's current run of Hawkeye on television. The character is explored when he isn't off fighting alien invasions, but rather just hanging in his neighborhood. From dealing with small scale thugs to people thinking his name is "Hawkguy" the potential series is there. Having the A-list hero running around on the rough streets as a regular guy would be absolutely hilarious. The way the comic is written even feels like serialized television featuring an Avenger on his weekends off.

The Punisher

The Punisher

Frank Castle is one of the easiest to understand yet the most frequently screwed up Marvel properties. He has no powers and he just uses guns. He is angry that his family was killed and now the criminal world must pay; simple enough. He is a brutal and violent sociopath who cares nothing for the rules of law. Where Daredevil cares to bring people to justice via the law, The Punisher wishes the same but through the barrel of a gun. This would be a show that was pushed to adult audiences only. If the last Punisher movie was any indication the violence will need to be extreme for fans to approve. This ain't your regular broadcast tv material. So Netflix or some video on demand service would be likely.

Big Hero 6


This is going to be the least obvious one to most reading this. The odd ragtag team of Japanese heroes are in fact apart of the Marvel Universe. The story follows the smartest boy in Japan named Hiro and his teammates Go-Go Tamago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, Baymax, and Fred as they fight the forces of villainy in Japan and abroad. Its a weird mesh of Japanese Anime and Marvel storytelling. The popular run in 2008 was even written by Chris Claremont. The adolescent humor coupled with the wackiness of anime makes for an interesting read. The show could expand the current fan base into anime nerds as well. Its a long shot, but you never know.

What are some other properties that you would like to see tried out on the small screen? Let us know in the comments.